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Benefits at inkmypapers

At inkmypapers, we know our employees are human beings with lives that extend way beyond work, so we provide competitive salaries and exciting perks to help them be their best at work and home.

To your health

We pay for health insurance for all full time employees. Plus we give generous time off for sick days and vacations.


Our office

We do not have fancy art pieces or state-of-the-art coffee machine to please our employees. What we have is the flexibility for you to choose wherever you want to work. You can be sipping your favourite cuppa in a starbucks outlet, sitting snugly on your bed, or even working in a hotel few thousand kilometers away from home. As long as you have a computer with you, you can work.


Investing in our employees

Every full-time employees of inkmypapers is entitled to a free trip to anywhere in the world every year. Our profit sharing plan rewards at least an additional percentage of your annual salary, based on company’s performance.