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If you are looking to check through your essay one last time before handing it up, you have to use our inkmypapers QC checklist.

The points in this checklist are compiled from recommended standards and guidelines of 9 top universities in UK, Australia, US and Singapore. It is a detailed list put together by our people as a form of quality control on all of the essays written by us.

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Did you answer the question fully and correctly? Read through the essay question and then your essay. Does your essay answers that is being asked?
 Word count within 10% of essay length
 All paragraphs should contain at least 3 sentences
 Follows required formatting (font size, font type and paragraph spacing).


Grammar, Spelling and Language

No correct red underlines appearing in Words
No correct green underlines appearing in Words
Simple, straightforward language used
Not written in 1st person view (unless it is a reflection)
Essay is written in passive voice
No shortened forms and superlatives
No casual words and phrases (e.g. In a nutshell, end of the day)
Using tentative language (see here and here)
No brackets unless used for citations or acronyms



Introduction length is 8-12% of essay length
Introduce topic and general background information
Introduce the focus of the topic
 State purpose of writing this essay and topic sentence
Including the objectives of the essay


Main Body

Explains only one main point per paragraph
Each main point supported by evidence, argument and/or examples
Start of paragraph include topic sentence and/or signposting



Conclusion length 8-12% of essay length
Does not contain new ideas or references
Signposting words or phrase at beginning of conclusion
Talk about what the essay set out to answer
Provide answer to the questions stated in the introduction
Summarise main points and reminds readers how you reached the answer
Optional: Talk about limitations and suggestions for further studies


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