About Us

Inkmypapers was started because of one reason: We’re tired of being scammed by assignment help services

You are probably like most people when you first started looking for assignment help or proofreading services. You are looking for a trustworthy service at reasonable rates that allows you to stop worrying about your assignment.
But.. are they really trustworthy?

This is the situation that Nick (the guy behind Inkmypapers) was in while trying to complete his degree a few years back. After trying 7 of the services he found online, he felt cheated and very much poorer.


The model assignments that he received from these services were so poor, Nick was sure they cannot be used as reference for him to write his own.

This was when the idea to start a model essay writing service came to Nick’s mind.

A service that produces quality model assignments that students will never have to worry again about their assignments.

Inkmypapers was born.

Key People

Nick profile
Nick, the do-everything guy

Nick (the guy, not the dog) has such a knack for writing academic essays and business reports that he started inkmypapers back in 2009 to provide model assignments that students can use as reference. Today, he manages most business report orders and is in charge of marketing and business development.

Charm profile
Charm, the Marketing Whiz

If you found inkmypapers through Facebook or Google, this is likely because of our very charming Charm. She likes to spend her free time neck-deep in books or strolling by the beach.

About the company

We have done more than 3,000 8,000 model assignments for Singaporeans. Our methods, refined over the years, provide you not only with good quality work but also the best support you can find in the industry. In short, we are passionate about making you satisfied.

Inkmypapers has been around since 2009. We started out offline with a very small team of freelancers. Entirely through word-of-mouth, we have since expanded to a team of more than 20 writers and established this website in order to serve our customers more effectively.

We are writers, but are also cyclists, proud fathers and mothers, gamers, bathroom singers, travelers, foodies, environmentalists, scholars, bartenders, dancers, nerds and hard workers. With so many of us from different backgrounds, we bring a unique perspective to anything we do.


happy team

Keeping it simple

We are big lovers of simplicity. That is why you won’t find a complicated dashboard (yuck) or ordering system here. Just simple and responsive service. We have been doing it for years and we will be doing it for years to come.

Taking pride

Customer satisfaction is fundamental to how we do business. We treat our customers and their work the same way that we want us and our work to be treated. Put simply, we take pride in every aspect of our work. Over the years, we continue to live by this mantra and are fortunate to earn the repeat business of many of our customers. We take that as the biggest compliment that anyone can receive.

Investing in People

John Diebold once said, “our most important asset is our people”. For us, it’s no different. We pick the best writers we can find and put them through training programs to prepare them for the job. That is why our customers continue to choose us and why they recommend their friends to choose us as well.

Promises we made

Every order placed with us will be guaranteed by our Inkmypapers Promises.

Services we provide

Over the years, we have honed our crafts on numerous services. These are done by our team of writers which includes

Make sure you read through our terms and conditions and fair use policy before ordering any of our services!

Have a question?

We are available from 9am – 2am, but do forgive us if we are unable to reply quickly enough. You can reach us through the methods as stated in our contact page. Seen a negative review about us? See here for more info.