SCO101 Why Do Good? How to score A (SUSS)

SCO101 Why Do Good? How to score A (SUSS)

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Notice: We have done numerous model essays on SUSS’s “Why do good” and have received great feedback from our customers. Here, we offer some tips and tricks on how to score A for ‘Why Do Good’ (SCO101).

Question: In this assignment, you are required to respond to the question “Why do good?” in the context of a real-world case study of global concern in strictly no more than 800-words (excluding references). This is an essay assignment and your answer should not be answered in parts.

Note: Global concerns are issues that every nation in the world is concerned about, such as child labour, human trafficking, migration, torture, humanitarian intervention, pandemics, scarce resources, discrimination, wars, online privacy, etc. This list is non-exhaustive. The case study you select for this assignment should be different from the topic chosen for the DB. To ensure your work is original, you should not use any case studies covered in the course materials.

(a) Present a real-world case study of global concern. You should identify relevant ethical considerations for discussion. (10 marks)

(b) Give a personal response to the ethical issue(s) in (a) by responding to the question of “Why do good?”. You should make a claim and explain what doing good means (use “should/ought” and underline your claim). (10 marks)

(c) Demonstrate ethical reasoning by providing reasons to support your claim in (b). You must give 2 reasons (number your reasons) and apply an ethical theory you have learned in this course to support each of your reasons(i.e., reason 1 supported by theory 1; reason 2, supported by theory 2) (50 marks)

(d) Discuss possible constraints or limitations to both of the theories you have applied (i.e., 1 constraint/limitation to each theory; total 2 constraints/limitations). They must be discussed within the context of this case study. (30 marks)

Tips and Tricks! To score for this assignment, you need to:

  • Identify the correct issue

The reason why many people fail to score well for this assignment is because they don’t choose the correct issue. Make sure the issue is global in nature and not specific to one country or region. An example of this is choosing government corruption – which is a bad choice. A better choice would be climate change-related issues, water / air pollution, or refugee incidents. Another method is to go deep – for example, child refugees, internally-displaced refugees and political refugees form different subsets that you can go in-depth about.

  • Use the correct ethical reasoning

Another reason why people don’t score is because they don’t understand the ethical reasoning that they need to write about. The study guide explains these fully, but we understand that ethics can be difficult to understand. Luckily, other sources of information exist. Search up what you need on Youtube, Google or other platforms and ensure that you can explain what the ethical reasoning is in simple terms, lest you risk over- or underexplaining in your answer.

  • Use the correct language

SUSS aims to test you on essay writing – so you’ll need to write competently. Ensure that you split the paragraphs according to the question prompts, and you should have an introduction and conclusion to tie everything together.


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