View the ‘Three counselling approaches: one adolescent client’ video and write a case formulation report of the issues facing the client. Counselling assignment

View the ‘Three counselling approaches: one adolescent client’ video and write a case formulation report of the issues facing the client. Counselling assignment

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You are to view the ‘Three counselling approaches: one adolescent client’ video in the Assessment folder on LearnJCU (this will be made available during Week 2). The video demonstrates three counselling approaches. After reviewing the video, you are to write a case formulation report of the issues facing the client. Your case formulation report will be used in Assessment Task 3 to develop your final case report. You may choose an alternative counselling approach, but you must use the video for your information.

You are to write a case formulation report based on your observations of the adolescent client in the video utilising the 5 P’s framework:

(1) Presenting problem

(2) Predisposing factors

(3) Precipitating factors

(4) Perpetuating factors

(5) Protective factors

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Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the counselling approaches.

To excel in this assessment, closely observe the video and apply the 5 P’s framework to create a comprehensive case formulation report. Here’s how you can approach each section effectively:

1. Presenting Problem:

  • Describe the adolescent client’s main issue as presented in the video.
  • Be concise but clear in outlining the specific problem or concern they are facing.

2. Predisposing Factors:

  • Identify any factors that might have contributed to the development of the client’s issue over time.
  • Consider family history, personal traits, childhood experiences, etc. that could make the client susceptible to the problem.

3. Precipitating Factors:

  • Highlight recent events or triggers that have led to the manifestation of the issue.
  • Explore any recent stressors or life changes that could have influenced the client’s current situation.

4. Perpetuating Factors:

  • Discuss factors that maintain or exacerbate the client’s problem.
  • This could include negative thought patterns, unhelpful coping mechanisms, or environmental influences.

5. Protective Factors:

  • Identify any factors that could potentially mitigate the issue or support the client’s well-being.
  • This could involve personal strengths, supportive relationships, or positive coping strategies.

General Tips:

  • Video Observation: Watch the video carefully to gather accurate information about the client’s demeanor, behavior, and emotions.
  • Detail-Oriented: Pay attention to nuances and subtleties in the video that can enrich your analysis.
  • Integration: Integrate observations from the video with the information you provide under each of the 5 P’s.
  • Critical Analysis: While you describe each factor, critically analyze how it contributes to the client’s situation.
  • Clarity: Write in a clear and organized manner. Each section should be well-structured and easy to follow.
  • Evidence-Based: Ensure your observations and analysis are grounded in the content of the video. Avoid assumptions.

By carefully applying the 5 P’s framework and using your video observations effectively, you’ll create a robust case formulation report that will serve as a foundation for your final case report in Assessment Task 3. Good luck!

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