VET656: Critical Appraisal of Emerging Public Health Challenges. Public Health and Epidemiology assignment

VET656: Critical Appraisal of Emerging Public Health Challenges. Public Health and Epidemiology assignment

Module / Subject / School:

VET656 Public Health and Epidemiology

Murdoch University


Assessment 2: Critical Appraisal of Emerging Public Health Challenges

The written report should be of the highest standard of written scientific English and should  display evidence of critical thinking and rigorous scientific consideration of the topic and appropriate references.
The written critique must be no more than 1,500 words.

Structure of the critique
Please follow the STROBE checklist relevant to the research paper you have chosen (available via EQUATOR) for example for a case-control study, cohort study, or cross-sectional study. When you are reviewing the paper and writing your critique make sure you refer to the STROBE explanation and elaboration. Vandenbroucke JP, von Elm E, Altman DG, Gøtzsche PC, Mulrow CD, et al. (2007) Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology (STROBE): Explanation and Elaboration. PLoS Med 4(10):e297. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0040297

1. General description of the study
• What is the study about?
• Does the paper have a logical construction?
• Is the paper written in a clear and easily understandable style?
• Is the paper free of grammatical or typographical errors?

2. Article critique (Here you critique the specific components of the paper, using the STROBE checklist)
• Title and abstract [STROBE Item 1]
• Introduction [Items 2,3]
• Methods [Items 4-12]
• Results [Items 13-17]
• Discussion [Items 18-21]
• Other information [Item 22]

3. Overall assessment and conclusions of your critique. (The written critique should conclude with a general discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the research and what might be done to further the scientific merit of the research conducted.) The written critique will be assessed according to the assessment rubric on the LMS

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their critical thinking skills.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Highest standard of written scientific English: Emphasize the importance of using clear and concise language and adhering to proper grammar and punctuation rules. Proofread your work carefully to eliminate any grammatical or typographical errors. Use scientific terminology accurately and effectively.
  2. Evidence of critical thinking and rigorous scientific consideration: Stress the significance of critically analyzing the research paper and demonstrating a deep understanding of the topic. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the study and provide well-reasoned arguments to support your critique. Consider the study’s methodology, data analysis, results, and interpretation, and provide evidence-based reasoning for your assessments.
  3. Word limit and structure: The critique should not exceed 1,500 words. Emphasize the importance of concise and focused writing. Adhere to the provided structure and follow the STROBE checklist relevant to the chosen research paper. Each section of the critique should be clearly labeled and address the specific components outlined in the checklist.
  4. STROBE checklist: Highlight the significance of using the STROBE checklist to guide the critique. Familiarize the checklist and refer to the relevant explanations and elaborations provided in the STROBE publication. This will help to systematically evaluate different aspects of the research paper and ensure a comprehensive critique.
  5. Overall assessment and conclusions: Provide an overall assessment of the research paper at the end of your critique. Summarize the strengths and weaknesses identified throughout the critique and propose suggestions to enhance the scientific merit of the research. Think critically and offer constructive insights for further improvement.
  6. Assessment rubric: The written critique will be assessed according to a provided assessment rubric on the Learning Management System (LMS). Review the rubric carefully to understand the criteria on which your work will be evaluated. Use the rubric as a guide to address all the required aspects and meet the expectations for each criterion.

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