Understanding the Research Process: For this task, you will write a review of one published research paper

Understanding the Research Process: For this task, you will write a review of one published research paper

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Understanding the Research Process

Anglia Ruskin University


For this task, you will write a review of one published research paper which have been provided. The soft copy PDF can also be accessed via MDIS Blackboard. The aim is, first to identify the key features of the paper, and then to give an opinion on its value. The answer to this question should not exceed 700 words, although it may be possible to get good marks for a well-written answer which is significantly shorter than this. If you compare the paper with others or refer to research methods texts, you should of course reference these sources in the normal way. This task accounts for ⅓ of the marks for Assignment 1 (Part1) of 100 marks. The marks will be allocated according to the following table.

Your answer to this question should be submitted via Turnitin (please consult me if you have a specific difficulty with this). The submission date is on the previous page which can be found in the UTRP Assignment Requirements

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Our Writer’s Comment 

In writing a review of a published research paper, students must read the whole paper as much as possible. A lot of students tend to skim through the pages, and this causes them to not get the important points to discuss. If you want to create a well-written review, you must not disregard this tip. It will increase the likelihood of you getting the highest mark for this assessment. While some assessments are very strict about word limits, in this assessment, you are allowed to write a review shorter than the instructed word count as long as it is a very well-written review. To be safe, though, stick to following the word count and try not to exceed 700 words in writing the review.

In your review, you must see to it that you have recognised and identified the key features of the research paper. You will then have to write your own opinion on its value. It is okay to compare the paper with other published studies, so if you think you will be able to have a more comprehensive discussion through this, then you must have a go at it. Just a couple of things to keep in mind to not receive low marks in this assignment are your flow of discussion points, structure, and understanding of the research and its implications. Of course, you must also not forget to cite if you use other sources for your review.

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