UGB310: This assignment is designed to enable you to build a comprehensive knowledge of key variables

UGB310: This assignment is designed to enable you to build a comprehensive knowledge of key variables which are significant to the understanding of consumer buying behaviour

Module / Subject / School:

UGB310: Consumer Psychology

University of Sunderland


The entire assignment is to be based on secondary research that can be drawn from various sources, including academic reports and news articles.

In the context of “buying luxury items”, you are required to discuss the following using appropriate examples:

  1. Evaluate the changing consumer perception today, in terms of lifestyle, consumption pattern, etc) (1000 words maximum – 25% weightage)
  2. Discuss the impact of this evolving trend on the consumer decision-making process from need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post purchase. (1000 words maximum – 25% weightage)
  3. Analyse the key psychological variables (such as personality, attitudes, motivation and leaming) that also influence the buying behaviour of consumers. (1000 words maximum – 25% weightage)
  4. In the view of social and cultural influences, particularly with reference to the post-“Covid-19 era”. (1000 words maximum – 25% weightage)

Assignment guidelines:

Remember, you are not just gathering evidence & information in this assignment. You have to analyse & critique it.

You are advised to use journal articles/ media reports and information generated from reputable websites to generate information.

If you have any queries or doubts, please clarify them with the Tutor.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

Students must make an effort to understand the different approaches to consumer behaviour. More importantly, they should focus on the positivist and interpretivist viewpoints. This is one of the expected learning outcomes in the module, so applying such approaches will enable you to create a good analysis and critique, apart from hitting the criteria for getting high marks. Moreover, this individual assignment requires you to provide solid applications of psychological and social dimensions of consumer behaviour in discussing problems or issues that are associated with the development of relevant contemporary concepts and theories.

Along with the aforementioned details, you must also keep in mind that you are to develop a customer-focused strategy that is effective such that it is able to address or examine the social aspects of consumer behaviour in an era of globalization. Doing so will allow you to meet the anticipated outcomes for the module. If this is not taken into account, it may affect the quality of your assessment and ultimately result in low grades.

In this piece of assessment, you must aspire to do thorough research and use different sources such as news articles, journal articles, and academic reports to support your answers. You will have to focus on the context of “buying luxury items” in order to create an evaluation of the changing consumer perception at present, a discussion of the evolving trend’s impact, and an analysis of the key psychological variables. These must also be assessed in the perspective of social and cultural variables in the post-pandemic era (COVID-19).

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