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The Applicant Series #13: SWOT Analysis

The Applicant Series showcases works done by hopeful writers who have applied with inkmypapers over the years. The results and comments will be provided first, followed by the actual essay/report written by the applicant

Applicant’s Results: Failed

Title: A short SWOT analysis of a Filipino painting shop case study.

Comments: While the applicant did pointed out several important points, we generally find the depth of analysis lacking, and the usage of non-academic language (such as ‘you’) is a problem as well.

While we did eventually put the applicant through the training program, we ultimately rejected her as she did not hit the standard that we expect from our writers.

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As it has successfully performed for 12 years, the painting shop continues to fulfil its responsibilities to the industry by securing the payment of its property taxes to the Bureau of Internal Revenue on time. It has also conformed to government requirements, particularly to the Department of Trade and Industry, by operating with an updated license, validated business permits and city clearances. This is made sure by a hired accountant who keeps track of and monitors the shop’s administrative obligations so that it doesn’t miss any dues and maintains its good reputation.

The shop has also done well economically, keeping the operations small but continuously profitable. The secret is a clear target market and regular consumers. The paintings sell not as regularly and as quickly as foods do, but when a painting is sold and when services are rendered, the value being paid for by the customers answer enough to the daily expenses of the shop. The shop offers framing services and caters to painting lessons and music workshops to cover for the money-making. This shop doesn’t only live for itself, but for the entire art-producing industry, because it continues to bring out its services out in the market, even when there is low regard for it.

In this day and age, people can just easily check out art anywhere in the Internet. If convenience is what is at stake, consumers will not readily think about going to a painting shop to buy art or enroll for music lessons. However, what this shop does is promote person to person contact. It is out there as an establishment that invites people to answer to their desire for visual arts and enhance their skills in the performing arts.  What is being sold is the quality of the art, and that is a nature that other business ventures do not commit to. That’s what makes it sociologically appealing.

The framing chopper and matt board cutter used for the painting jobs present new technologies in the shop. The employees assigned are expected to learn how they operate and how to maintain their good condition. With this, the shop doesn’t only perform traditional hand creation from scratch, but it also utilizes the machines for easier faster production. Plus, the equipment for the music studio are made sure to be updated and in the trend. This shop therefore recognizes the need for technological advancement.


Selling artworks for a living does not pay off regularly and does not sustain the over-all daily cost of the shop operations. Although the paintings cost a fortune each, the frequency of it selling may not always cover up for the utilities. Also, the demand for this kind of industry is low, because (1) not everyone has the means to purchase even when they are strongly interested to; (2). Promoting this type of services may be quite difficult to execute, especially when the target market is not clear and when there is uncertainty that people will be interested to purchase or avail of art. Therefore, the management, particularly the business owner, had to find ways to make up for the lack of sales.


The threat to this business is the increasing accessibility to DIY or do-it-yourself arts. Any form of art is now as handy as one click on a phone or on a computer. If you are someone who wants to get creative for a day, you would not think of going to a painting shop to check out artworks or to a music studio to learn how to play an instrument. Instead, you will go online and check out what is available for self-teaching. No one can escape the fact that technology is taking over traditional practices, so this type of business should consider a more tactical approach to be at par with other ventures, making sure it’s new and trendy without sacrificing its aesthetics.


This small-scale painting shop poses a promising opportunity in the field of the business in terms of its uniqueness. It offers something that is distinctive to the ones we are familiar with that are already existing. One would immediately think of opening a food business, but not a painting shop or an art gallery. It’s a breath of fresh air and it tickles the consumers’ eyes. It is like a discovery waiting to be found. It also opens an opportunity for the community of Sta. Rosa, Laguna where it is situated. Seeing it within the vicinity makes a visitor think that the city has a deep appreciation for such crafts.



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