The Analysis of Defence and Security Policies: Students will be required to submit at least one written assignment of 2000 words in length

The Analysis of Defence and Security Policies: Students will be required to submit at least one written assignment of 2000 words in length

Module / Subject / School:

Analysis of Defence and Security Policies

Nanyang Technological University


Students will be required to submit at least one written assignment of 2000 words in length, properly researched and referenced, on any one of the following topics:
1. Is it feasible for a non-nuclear state to deter a nuclear armed adversary? Analyse and evaluate this statement using any suitable case studies.
2. Arms racing as a theoretical concept in international military relations is still relevant. Argue for or against this stand.
3. With reference to any one Asian state other than Singapore, evaluate the extent to which its strategic culture is chiefly responsible for shaping that nation’s defence and security policies. Irrespective of that strategic culture’s influence, have the aforementioned policies been effective?
4. Current international/regional security realities have rendered Non-Offensive Defence ineffectual as a military strategy. Discuss.
5. Considering the complicated contemporary operational environment involving pandemics, more frequent/severe natural disasters, and transnational terrorism, argue for or against greater participation in overseas operations other than war over the next decade, for the nation-state that you serve.
6. With reference to either the U.S., PRC or Japan (choose one), critically evaluate whether the chosen state has achieved its grand strategic objectives in Asia over the past two decades. Make a case for whether it will or will not fulfil its objectives in the next 10 years.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

Firstly, it’s important to understand the three sets of questions that the course aims to address, including how policy-makers determine national interests, how they approach securing those interests, and the potential problems that may arise from these measures. Students should keep these questions in mind as they progress through the course and try to integrate these concepts into their coursework.

Additionally, it’s critical to approach the written assignments with a critical and analytical mindset. This means not only conducting research and providing information on your chosen topic, but also offering your own opinions and insights on the subject matter. Your writing should aim to be both informative and thought-provoking, and should demonstrate your ability to think critically about the questions raised in the course.

When it comes to the written assignments, students are required to conduct thorough research and utilize proper referencing. It’s essential to choose a topic that is of interest and relevance to you, as this will make the writing process much more enjoyable and engaging. Some of the suggested topics include analyzing the feasibility of non-nuclear deterrence, evaluating the impact of strategic culture on defense policies, and examining the challenges to regional security and cooperation.

In conclusion, students should take advantage of the opportunities presented in this course to gain a comprehensive understanding of defense and security policies. With proper research, writing, and critical thinking skills, students will be well-equipped to analyze and evaluate the complex issues surrounding national security.

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