SWK292: Reflect on your experience of leading a 30-minute small group session in class. Social Work Practice and Skills Lab 2: Working with Small Groups assignment

SWK292: Reflect on your experience of leading a 30-minute small group session in class. Social Work Practice and Skills Lab 2: Working with Small Groups assignment

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SWK292: Social Work Practice and Skills Lab 2: Working with Small Groups

Singapore University of Social Sciences


TMA02: Reflection on a Group Leading Experience

This TMA invites you to reflect on your experience of leading a 30-minute small group session in class. Apply the following guidelines to write your reflections.
1. As an introduction to your paper, state your group’s name, purpose, group type, the session number as well as the stage of group development. In addition, describe the goal(s) set for the session that you have (co-)led.
2. Evaluate your group session planning by discussing how your group session planning had helped you in the conducting of the session. On hindsight, discuss how your session planning could have been enhanced.
3. Discuss ONE (1) discovery that you have made about yourself in relation to group leading. Examine how this discovery that you have gained about yourself can support you in your future group leading efforts.
4. Highlight TWO (2) observations that you have made about the group dynamics in your session. Explain and illustrate the effects of the group dynamics on the achievement of your group session’s tasks and goals.
5. Describe ONE (1) challenge that you had experienced in the process of leading the group and discuss how you make sense of it now. In looking at this on hindsight, analyse how you had tried to manage this challenge during the session, as well as how successful you were in handling it.
6. Upon reflection, discuss TWO (2) group leadership skills that you observed yourself to be using in the leading of the session. How did you experience the usefulness of these two skills? In addition, discuss ONE (1) other group leadership skill that you had experienced yourself needing to develop further in, so as to enhance your leading of the session.
7. As a conclusion to this paper, outline TWO (2) important lessons that this group leading experience had taught you about group work and group leadership.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the concepts.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

Introduction: Ensure your introduction clearly introduces the key details of your group leading experience, including the group’s name, purpose, type, session number, and stage of group development. Also, provide a brief description of the goals you set for the session you (co-)led. Make sure this section is concise and sets the context for the rest of your reflection.

Evaluation of Group Session Planning: When evaluating your group session planning, elaborate on how it facilitated the conducting of the session successfully. Share specific aspects of your planning that helped achieve the session’s goals. To enhance your reflection, discuss what improvements or changes you could have made to your planning for even better outcomes.

Discovery about Yourself in Relation to Group Leading: Explain in detail the one significant discovery you made about yourself during the group leading experience. Elaborate on how this newfound self-awareness can be valuable in supporting your future group leading efforts. Consider providing concrete examples of situations where this self-discovery could make a positive impact.

Observations about Group Dynamics: Discuss the two observations you made about the group dynamics during the session. Describe how these dynamics affected the group’s ability to accomplish its tasks and goals. Utilize examples or anecdotes from the session to illustrate the effects of these group dynamics more effectively.

Handling Challenges in Leading the Group: Describe the challenge you encountered while leading the group and how you perceive it now in hindsight. Analyze how you attempted to manage this challenge during the session and assess the success of your approach. Be honest about any lessons learned and how you might handle similar challenges differently in the future.

Group Leadership Skills: Elaborate on the two group leadership skills you observed in yourself during the session. Provide specific instances where you employed these skills and discuss how effective they were in achieving your goals. Additionally, identify one leadership skill that you believe requires further development to enhance your future group leading abilities.

Lessons Learned about Group Work and Group Leadership: Summarize two key lessons you learned from this group leading experience in the conclusion. Reflect on the broader implications of these lessons for your understanding of group work and leadership. Emphasize how these insights can shape your approach to leading groups in the future.

Overall Reflection: Ensure your reflection is well-organized, flows cohesively, and maintains a professional tone throughout. Use examples and personal experiences to support your points effectively. Proofread your work to ensure clarity and correctness in your writing.

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