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Is SUSS Good? Here’s a Complete SUSS Review

There are a lot of students and people wondering if Singapore University of Social Sciences really good? Or is it recognised in Singapore? Or if SIM the same with SUSS? Well this blog article got all the information you need about Singapore University of Social Sciences so here’s a complete SUSS review!

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Firstly, if you are wondering if SIM (UniSIM) the same with SUSS, you are right! In 2017, SIM was renamed Singapore University of Social Sciences of briefly known as SUSS.

If you’re also wondering if SUSS is recognised in Singapore, also yes! SUSS has been restructured as Singapore’s 6th autonomous university.

Well what about programmes? SUSS programmes and courses are available in 5 schools namely School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, School of Business, S R Nathan School of Human Development, School of Law and School of Science and Technology.

Since 2017, yearly student intake in SUSS has increased from 580 to 1000 students. Also, receives approximately 5,000 applications a year from part-time students who seek to work and study.

While SUSS receives an average of 400 applications for its law programme annually.

Campus, Location and Population

SUSS has two campuses located at Clementi Road Namly Avenue. The campus is proximate to two bus stops and two MRT stations.

The campus is more or less 120,000 square meters and is equipped with teaching rooms, lectures theatres, libraries, and multipurpose halls. All teaching rooms combined has a 19,572 seating capacity.

SUSS’ location is pretty accessible for students who are working and studying at the same time.

Curriculum and Specialisation

SUSS has 32 part-time undergraduate programmes that range from Language programmes to Literature, Communication, General Studies, Business, Management, Information Technology, Mathematics, Psychology and other niche programmes such as Aerospace System and Biomedical Engineering.

For those who want to take full-time undergraduate programmes in SUSS, the university has 8 programmes available. The university offers:

  • Bachelor of Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Minor
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics with Minor
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance with Minor
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
  • Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor
  • Bachelor of Social Work with Minor.

While for those who want to take up other Studies, SUSS also has a wide course offerings.

They have programmes such as Diploma, Masters and PHD in academic areas such as Business, Finance, Management, Marketing, Social Work, Research, Philosophy, Counselling and Childhood Education.

They also have graduate programmes for niche courses in areas such as Gerontology, Adult Learning, Linguistics, Expressive Arts Therapy, Outdoor Education and Life-coaching.

That’s not all! SUSS also offers Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctors for those aiming to enrol in law programmes.

But wait! What programmes is SUSS really known for? Well, SUSS is mostly known for courses that provide learning for future careers in the social sector, social work, childhood education, human resource management.

Its law programme focusing on family and criminal law is also popular and receives a good number of student intake annually.

Another tip! SUSS would be a good choice if you are looking for a school that specialises on social sciences. In fact, their modules are often geared towards social sciences, teaching about ethics and other topics that we can easily apply to our daily lives. We’ve actually helped clients create model essays for several of these modules, like SCO101 why do good, which we have a short guide for here.

Other business and management courses of SUSS are also reputable programmes offered by the university.

We happen to feature some SUSS courses as part of our cheapest top part time degree courses list, so check that out if you think an SUSS degree suits you!

But what is SUSS GPA Requirement?

Some say that a GPA of 3 is good enough and if you came from a polytechnic university, admission to SUSS is likely.

How about SUSS GPA Grading System?

SUSS uses a 5-point grade point average system in monitoring a student’s performance.

In SUSS, 4.5-5.0 GPA qualifies a student for first class honour.

See below table for honours degree classification:

Are there programmes for part-time students?

As reported by AseanToday, UniSIM now named as SUSS is originally known for its schedule flexibility for professionals seeking to pursue studies.

This can be seen by the influx of part-time students enrolling in the university, as mentioned earlier, annually there are 5,000 applications for part-time programmes of the universities.

SUSS is also known as a viable option for student applicants who failed to meet the standards of the 5 other autonomous schools in Singapore.

What about fees?

Well, in our Top 10 Cheapest Part-Time Degree Courses in Singapore 2019/2020, SUSS landed the 9th spot for non-top up bachelor degree courses.

When it comes to other fees, there are some who say that SUSS fees are quite expensive. But don’t fret! SUSS offers instalment basis payment and a wide array of payment variations.

The university offers fees with government subsidy for Singaporean citizens below 40 years old, Singaporean citizens 40 years old and above and for permanent resident.

However, there is no government subsidy available for permanent residents and other residents. Also, fees that fall under these categories are relatively higher as compared to categories with government subsidy available.


SUSS has 194 full-time faculty members and 1,159 associate faculty members. Given these numbers, the school appears to be fully-equipped with enough number of faculty members to cater to students’ learning.

Who are SUSS Academic Institution Partners?

SUSS is partnered with several academic institutions such as Athabasca University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing International Studies University, Beijing Normal University, Chongqing City Management College, Chongqing College of Humanities, Science and Technology, Chongqing University of Education, Cranfield University, Foreign Trade and Business College of Chongqing Normal University, The Institute of Technical Education, and Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Having academic partners is important for universities as it can help promote student exposure especially in terms of student exchange.

It also widens a university’s academic network which can also be important for enhancing a school’s programmes and activities.

How about student affairs and activities?

In order to fully address student concerns, SUSS has their Student Support Department (SS) which is in charge of student activities such as orientations, seminars, workshops and also in charge of addressing student concerns.

The department also has a hotline for easier connection with the students.

Graduating students in SUSS are required to participate in Community Engagement.

This enables students to actively participate and immerse in communities in order to enhance their social empathy and understanding of communities.

SUSS also has Internship Programmes designed to enhance practical application of their learnings inside the classroom.

But here’s the catch, SUSS also has Global Learning Programmes that allows students to hone themselves using opportunities and ties internationally available as assisted by SUSS.

Well the best part is students are not only confined in the four corners of a classroom but there are also available Student Expeditions! Activities such as Gobi Desert Challenge and Expedition to Kathmandu are the examples of activities that students can participate in.

Accreditation, Ranking and Awards

SUSS is officially accredited and recognised by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Division and is ranked 5,745 in the world and 14th in Singapore.

Several awards have been given to SUSS and their students. In 2018, 14 students from School of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, 7 students from School of Business, 8 students from S R Nathan School of Human Development, and 9 students from School of Science and Technology were given awards for their academic performance.

Students from SUSS have been receiving awards since 2015.

Do they excel in employability?

In figures it was reported by HumanResources that SUSS pioneer batch in 2018 has an employment rate of 95.5% and 90.9% respectively. While 98.7% of accountancy graduates were able to land jobs within 6 months following graduation.

While overall graduates received an average of $3,000 per month. This is according to the 2018 Joint Graduate Employment Survey conducted by NTU.

The same success is reflected in Today Online report stating that even as new university, SUSS was able to produce graduates with high employability which was even compared with NUS, NTU and SMU.

The success of SUSS was attributed with their focus on industry-oriented and practice-based approach in delivering education to their students.

Wait there’s more! It was also reported by StraitsTimes that SUSS first batch of graduates was able to boost their employability through enhanced transcripts which display non-academic skills such as creative thinking and decision-making.

It also displays other generic skills from communication to management.

Not only that! SUSS is becoming known for its applied degree programmes which is highly recommended as demands for employability is becoming more complex for today’s fast-changing and growing economy.

Practical application in companies and industries is a highly encouraged practice in universities.


There you go! We hope that we have given you a thorough SUSS review! If you’re looking to apply for any part time courses, be sure to check out our definitive guide to studying a part time degree in Singapore!

If this blog article helped, please feel free to comment below and share to your friends on social media!

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