Studying Abroad – Should You Take the Plunge?

Studying Abroad – Should You Take the Plunge?


Many students dream of living and studying abroad. However, making the decision to live abroad, away from your family and loved ones for several years is not easy. Besides, you will have to attempt to assimilate into a whole new culture, make brand new connections and learn how to live independently all while taking charge of your own academics halfway across the globe from your support system.

With that being said, as long as you have the financial means to, there are still plenty of good reasons to pack up your bags and pursue further studies in a foreign land.

Read on to find out what are the benefits of living and studying abroad.

1. Experience Different Styles and Methods of Teaching

Schools in Singapore follow the British education system which expects teachers to stick to a laid-down syllabus that is adapted to the British standard. Exams are structured in a way that is consistent across the board and cohort year in and year out.

However, during your stint abroad, you will most definitely get the opportunity to be exposed to a different style of teaching that can help to broaden your mind and skills. When studying in the United States of America (USA) or other countries, you will learn to build positive teacher-student relationships, how to earn extra credits and develop self-learning practices beyond what is covered in the syllabus.

2. Learn More About Other Cultures

Studying abroad also gives individuals the opportunity to experience and learn about other cultures. Furthermore, the best way to learn about another culture is by living in it. Singapore may be a multicultural country but when you live and study in a different country such as the USA, you will be exposed to even more non-Asian cultures than in Singapore.

There are many benefits that come with interacting with people from different cultures. For example, you can expand your worldview and be introduced to new perspectives. These fresh perspectives will help you to see other people and their experiences in a completely new and different way, which can help you become more tolerant of people who are different from your culture.

3. Expand Your Network

When you live overseas, you will come across other students and professionals in your field from other parts of the world. You will also get a chance to build lasting relationships with people from all over the globe, effectively broadening your network of friends and professional connections.

The connections you make while studying abroad could lead to better career opportunities, internships, employment opportunities, and even business partnerships in future if you plan to work abroad as well.

4. Boost Your Employability

With studying abroad listed in your resume, you might just become more employable to your potential employers. This is because as the world becomes more interconnected, there is a growing demand for graduates with different cultural experiences and skills. This can also increase the effectiveness of inclusive marketing done by companies by hiring from a diverse pool of talents.

Additionally, as a young adult who spent several years living alone overseas, you will definitely have the opportunity to learn a new language and develop important “soft skills’ such as effective communication, adaptability, and a cross-cultural understanding of different concepts. These are key attributes of a potential employee on top of possessing the right qualification for the position.

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