STRM043: AS1 Individual Written Report

STRM043: AS1 Individual Written Report

Module / Subject / School:

STRM043: Competitive Strategy and Innovation

The University of Northampton


For this assignment, you have a choice between two cases related to the module’s core Grant textbook. You must choose one and do a written individual case analysis, in the form of a management report, which addresses the questions detailed below relating to your chosen case. All questions carry equal weight.


  1. In support of your analysis you should draw on material and references from all your MBA modules, as well as make sure to read the relevant chapters in Grant’s textbook.
  2. It is recommended that you identify which strategy and management concepts will enable you to analyse the case. These will help you see the company in a broader context, rather than simply focusing on the company and the case material.
  3. Key to success will be to think and write strategically. Don’t get lost in detail. Analyse the case material then add value through comment and opinion as you discuss the questions.

Oral feedback will be given in the class immediately after the presentation. Written feedback can be accessed through clicking on the Feedback and Grades tab on NILE. Feedback will be provided by a rubric with summary comment.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

First and foremost, students doing this assessment must remember to review the cases related to the core Grant textbook of the module before beginning to write their analysis. Forgetting about this may result in lower marks for this assessment. Also, you must pay attention to the case that you will be choosing so that you will be able to create an in-depth and comprehensive case analysis. It is crucial that you spend a decent amount of time choosing because it will greatly affect the quality of your analysis and therefore will have a great effect on the mark that you will be receiving for the assignment.

Some students were not able to avoid the pitfall of not being able to draw on material and references from all their MBA modules, and this sadly resulted in poor marks. Of course, this can be avoided if the students took into account all of them, as well as the chapters in the textbook that are relevant. You must follow the recommendation in the instructions to recognise the theories and strategies in management that will help you be able to critically evaluate the case that you have chosen. It is also important for you to be strategic in writing your individual case analysis so that you will not waste your time and effort on unnecessary details. Your discussion and points must be coherent and concise so that you can obtain desirable marks in this assessment.

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