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Stop being Scammed! 5 Surefire Ways To Prevent Being Scammed By Assignment Services


5 ways prevent scam assignment help services

Update: We have done a few reviews on some services over the last few years. Here are two that you can look at. One is on myassignmenthelp and the other on UKessays.

Do you know that many of the “branded” products that you bought off the internet are fake?

Things like the classic Vans sneakers from Lazada, for example, are good quality fakes that many Singaporeans are fooled into believing its authentic.

I know because I bought one, and brought it to the Vans store to compare it with the real pair detail by detail.

Similarly, there are many assignment helpers that claimed to be from Singapore, but are fakes that produce really poor quality work. Trust me, in the 8 years that I have been providing essay writing services, I have seen way more scams than I should.

I sometimes think about the students that are being scammed into using those services and can’t help but take this whole thing a little personal.

How can anyone be so irresponsible and take on assignments without putting care and making sure it turns out good?!

The last I’ve checked, almost none of the assignment help services I’ve found are reliable based on the points I’ve mentioned below.

This is really shocking.

Out of the 19 services I’ve checked with the points below, none of them (that’s right, zero, nil, nothing) are actually credible.


Here, I hope this blog present some tips to help you in identifying some of the assignment help scams on the internet, so you will not be cheated.


#1 Check for fake photos and testimonials

These are the easiest to spot right away.

Scam services will use fake, stock photos to cheat students into thinking that those people are indeed their writers or customers.

You can check if the photos are fake by right-clicking on it and selecting
“Search Google for image” in Chrome (this is unavailable in IE, Firefox and Edge).

fake stock photos 2

After searching on it through google, it seems that the photo is really that of Dr. Andrew Thomas, an European History professor in Salem College. He is NOT an assignment writer as claimed by the assignment help service.

fake writer

#2 Check their refund policy

This is a crucial one. Any assignment help service that is really into providing good quality essays and papers will have a good refund policy.

A missing refund policy is a definite way of knowing that the assignment help service is a scam.

missing refund policy

This shows that they do not care about what they write and produce.

Even when there is a refund policy, check if the refund is a cash refund or a credit refund.

A credit refund is where you can only use whatever has been refunded to pay for your next order with them.

But why would you want to use them again if all they do is provide failing grade quality assignments?

A cash refund is therefore always a good hint about the quality of work that the assignment help service produces.

Here at inkmypapers, more than providing cash refund if our work is of failing grade quality, we actually refund you 200% of what you’ve paid. This is just to display our commitment in providing quality work for all of our customers. We are also the only assignment help service that dares to provide such guarantees.

#3 Talk to them personally

Does the assignment help service provides any phone number which you can call?

If there are no phone numbers provided, there is a high chance that
the service is a scam.

Why else would they not provide a phone number?

Moreover, a phone number is important just in case you absolutely need to contact them urgently.

If a phone number is provided, give them a call or ask them to call you back. In this age where you can call through skype or whatsapp at no cost
at all, there are no excuses for them not to call.

Also, an Australian (or whatever country’s) number and address
does not mean that they are truly an Australian assignment help

When they call, listen to how they speak. Are they Caucasians? Are
they Indians? Are they Singaporeans?

If you are specifically looking for a Singapore assignment helper, a Singapore number and someone who speaks in the Singaporean accent will be the give away.

#4 Check for address and if they accept visitation

This may be the ultimate way to guarantee that the assignment help service is serious about producing quality work.

By having an address and allowing customers to visit them, this shows that

  1. the service is reputable enough to have an office
  2. the service is confident in their ability to produce quality work such that they allow visitation

While anyone can hide behind the cloak of the internet, by meeting up and seeing the person face-to-face, you can see whether the business is serious about their work.

#5 Check for sample works

This method, while probably being the least useful of all 5 methods, is still useful in helping you choose a quality service.

Any self-respecting assignment help service will provide sample works that they have written.

While there is a chance that these ‘sample works’ are not really written by the assignment help service’s writers, you can use these samples as a rough guide on the level of quality that the assignment help service churns out.

For example, inkmypapers’ sample works here provide a good gauge on the quality and type of assignments that we specialise in.

What you can do next

I hope that this blog post will help you in your search for a reliable service that you can trust. If you’d like, you can also get an instant quotation for your assignment right here!


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