SOE11444: Essay Assignment in Accounting and Finance

SOE11444: Essay Assignment in Accounting and Finance

Module / Subject / School:

SOE11444: Global Business Economics and Finance

Edinburgh Napier University


Essay Assignment in Accounting and Finance
Essay Title: An Evaluation of the Relevance of Financial Performance
Measures and Targets in Assessing the Ability of a Commercial Company to Fulfil its Corporate Mission.

Your essay must meet the following requirements:
Appendices and footnotes are not permitted. Your essay must have a title page with the essay title and your student number. Do not include or attach any other cover sheet. The above title should also appear at the top of the first page of your essay. Your essay should not contain any other headings or subheadings, except for headings of tables, charts, graphs and diagrams, before the reference list. You must cite at least 15 articles from academic journals available through the Edinburgh Napier University online library. Citations of other material are permitted. All citations must be in American Psychological Association (APA) format 7. Do not number references and not use footnotes.
You must provide a full reference list using APA format 7, with the addition of the full Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the items cited, exactly as it appears on the address bar in your browser. Your reference list must be part of the same document as your essay and must be headed “Reference List”.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

To excel in this coursework, students are required to evaluate the relevance of financial performance measures and targets in assessing the ability of a commercial company to fulfill its corporate mission. Students should conduct thorough research and analysis of at least 15 academic articles, available through Edinburgh Napier University’s online library, to support their argument. All references should be cited using APA format 7 and should include the full URL of the source. Quotations must be verbatim and in inverted commas, and paraphrasing must be used sparingly to avoid plagiarism.

In addition, students are encouraged to provide real-world examples from actual corporations, and to reference the evidence for any factual information used. The essay may contain tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams to illustrate the points being made, but these should be edited within the document, have headings, and be fully explained either within the table or elsewhere in the essay. The quality and relevance of these visual aids will have an impact on the student’s marks for presentation.

It is important to note that the essay must not contain appendices, footnotes, or any other cover sheets. The title page should include only the essay title and the student’s number, and the reference list should be headed “Reference List” and included as part of the same document as the essay, with a page break between the end of the essay and the reference list heading.

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