SOC355: Devise an original interview guide to gather primary data for your proposal for the future of Singapore’s public safety and security. Use your question guide to conduct ONE interview with a resident of Singapore. Sociology of Law and Order assignment

SOC355: Devise an original interview guide to gather primary data for your proposal for the future of Singapore’s public safety and security. Use your question guide to conduct ONE interview with a resident of Singapore. Sociology of Law and Order assignment

Module / Subject / School:

SOC355 Sociology of Law and Order

Singapore University of Social Sciences


Question 1

Answer the following question in 4,000 words. (Do not exceed or fall below the word limit by more than 10 per cent.)

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Singapore remains one of the safest places in the world. The 2020 Gallup Global Law and Order Report ranked Singapore first, for the seventh year running. Singapore was also ranked first in the 2020 World Justice Project Rule of Law Index in “Order and Security”. In addition, MHA reported that public confidence in the Home Team remains high, with nine in 10 Singapore residents agreeing that the Home Team has done well and trusting our officers to serve them with integrity. Despite Singapore’s high level of public safety and security, overall crime rates have risen in 2020 and 2021, particularly driven by a spike in scams. There is also a public concern over a recent spate of violent and knife-related crimes involving murder, robbery, rioting and serious hurt.

Closely read this article which reports Singapore’s overall crime levels in 2021:

Spike in scams drives up Singapore’s overall crime levels in 2021 Available at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/crime-levels-scams-rise2021-2501736

Follow the instructions below to develop your proposal for the future of Singapore’s public safety and security:

  1. Devise and conduct one in-depth interview (25 marks)
  • First, devise an original interview guide to gather primary data for your proposal. Use your question guide to conduct ONE interview with a resident of Singapore to find out their concerns for Singapore’s public safety and security.
  • As this exercise is meant to get you to reflect on crime prevention, policing, law and order, and how these affect individuals living in a city, you are expected to explain the design and execution of your questionnaire within your proposal. When crafting your interview questions, consider the following points which must be included in the main body of your essay:
  • Who you chose to interview, and why
  • Why you have chosen to ask the questions you designed
  • The efficacy of, and limitations to, your design

Your interview should be informed by Chapter 8: Crime Prevention (although you are not limited to this topic). For example, you could consider the objectives for crime prevention listed in section 8.1, and/or the concepts of ‘crime prevention’, ‘community safety’ and ‘defensible space’ reflected in subsequent sections.

Interview Guidelines:

  • You must obtain informed consent from your respondent (using the Participant Consent Form in Appendix I of the ECA booklet), regardless of whether the interview is conducted in person or online. In your ECA submission, you must append a copy of the signed Consent Form. 10 marks will be deducted for any incomplete, invalid or non-submission of Consent Form. Such procedures are to document that the respondent is aware of the purpose of the interview and that he/she agrees voluntarily to be interviewed. If you wish to audio-record the interview (although this is not necessary or compulsory), consent must be given too.
  • Do not use the respondent’s real name in your write-up – use a pseudonym instead.
  • Please comply with prevailing COVID-19 restrictions at the time of your interview and take the necessary precautions to ensure your respondent’s and your own safety. If, for instance, you are unable to safely conduct the interview face-to-face, make the necessary arrangements to conduct it online such as on Zoom, WhatsApp video/audio call, Google Meet, Skype, etc.
  • You are advised to behave courteously and show appreciation to the respondent for agreeing to be interviewed. The date, time and venue of the interview should be at the respondent’s convenience, while ensuring the safety of both parties (e.g. conduct the interview in a public place). Any audio recording of the interview is to be saved as a password-protected file and retained until the release of the results.
  • Attach your interview question guide and completed consent form as an appendix to your final submission. It is up to you how you choose to design your questionnaire but do ensure that it is strategically crafted to cover the objectives of this question.

2. Proposal Essay (75 marks)

  • The ECA allows you to recognise the relevance of the sociology of law and order to understanding Singapore’s safety and security. You must incorporate ideas from your close reading of the article highlighted at the outset as well as apply concepts from the course. In particular, you must use the concepts raised in Chapter 8 ‘Crime Prevention’ to present a sociologically driven proposal based on the following questions:
  • Why is crime prevention important for a country? o What are Singapore’s challenges in maintaining social control and order, and public safety and security?
  • In view of Singapore’s overall crime rates, how might different crime prevention initiatives contribute to the state agency–community partnership?
  • Finally, evaluate if crime would pose a serious problem to Singapore in the 21st century.
  • Using the above, develop a proposal that makes a convincing argument for the future of Singapore’s public safety and security. Analyse the primary data you have gathered from your interview and also conduct additional research of your own. Although your proposal is not informed by your findings from the interview alone, these must be incorporated effectively into your points of argument.
  • In your proposal, at whichever points best suited, you must include an explanation of your approach to the interview by discussing the points you were given to consider when crafting your questions:
  • Who you chose to interview and why
  • Why you have chosen to ask the questions you designed
  • The efficacy of, and limitations to, your design

You may incorporate these where appropriate in your proposal, demonstrating, for example, how the themes or theoretical issues related to crime prevention and public safety and security informed your question design or choice of respondent. Use your discretion to structure your proposal for utmost coherence.

Students’ Notes:

  • Further support your primary interview data and course material with secondary research such as media releases, critical commentaries and academic articles, amongst others, relevant to the needs of Singapore’s public safety and security in the 21st century.
  • Be sure to cite all references properly, both in-text (no footnotes or endnotes) as well as in a ‘References’ or ‘Bibliography’ list at the end of your essay. You may use the APA citation style and refer to Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab or OWL for guidance on formatting. Other social science citation styles (e.g. ASA, Chicago Manual of Style) are also acceptable but please use one style consistently.

Requirements for the ECA:

Please ensure you pay attention to the following requirements, in writing your ECA:

  • Relevant discussion of specified issues and application of concepts/theories
  • Design of interview questions, and analysis of data
  • Quality of research
  • Language coherence, proper citation and adherence to the word limit

Submission format:

  • Proposal (essay)
  • Interview question guide (appendix)
  • Transcript of interview (appendix)
  • Signed Participant Consent Form (appendix)

Write your answers in not more than 4,000 words (the word count excludes the transcript and consent form). Please remember to provide the word count, and a list of references. Be sure to use appropriate and academic sources, including your course materials.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the concepts.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

1. In-depth Interview (25 marks):

  • Interview Guide: Develop a well-crafted interview guide that aligns with the assignment’s objectives. Explain the rationale behind the selected questions and how they contribute to understanding crime prevention, law and order, and public safety in Singapore. Consider incorporating concepts from Chapter 8 of the course and ensure the questions cover the required points effectively.
  • Participant Consent: Adhere to the guidelines for obtaining informed consent from your interviewee. Clearly explain the purpose of the interview and obtain voluntary agreement from the participant. Include the signed consent form as an appendix in your submission.
  • Interview Execution: Conduct the interview in a respectful and considerate manner, making arrangements that prioritize the safety and convenience of both parties. Ensure the interview process adheres to any prevailing COVID-19 restrictions. If conducting the interview online, choose a secure platform and save the recording as a password-protected file.

2. Proposal Essay (75 marks):

  • Engage with Article: Thoroughly engage with the provided article on Singapore’s crime levels in 2021. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the issues raised in the article and their implications for public safety and security.
  • Incorporate Course Concepts: Apply concepts from Chapter 8 on ‘Crime Prevention’ effectively to support your proposal. Show how these concepts inform your approach to crime prevention in Singapore.
  • Primary Data Analysis: Analyze the data obtained from the interview in-depth and relate it to your proposal. Use the insights gained to enhance the coherence and validity of your argument.
  • Additional Research: Complement the primary interview data with secondary research, such as media releases, academic articles, and critical commentaries, to support your proposal. Cite all references properly using an appropriate citation style.
  • Proposal Structure: Organize your proposal coherently, addressing the specified questions related to crime prevention’s importance, challenges faced by Singapore, crime prevention initiatives, and crime’s potential impact in the 21st century. Use your discretion to structure the proposal effectively.

3. Language and Word Limit:

  • Language Coherence: Ensure your writing is clear, coherent, and academically sound. Use appropriate language to convey your ideas effectively.
  • Proper Citation: Follow the chosen citation style (e.g., APA, ASA, Chicago Manual of Style) consistently throughout the essay. Cite all sources properly, both in-text and in the ‘References’ or ‘Bibliography’ list.
  • Adherence to Word Limit: Stay within the prescribed word limit (4,000 words) and provide a list of references separately. Avoid exceeding or falling below the word limit by more than 10%.

4. Relevant Discussion and Application:

  • Critical Analysis: Provide a thoughtful and critical analysis of the issues related to crime prevention, safety, and security in Singapore. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter.
  • Application of Concepts/Theories: Apply relevant concepts and theories from the course to support your arguments and proposal effectively.

5. Design of Interview Questions and Data Analysis:

  • Well-Crafted Questions: Craft interview questions strategically to address the assignment’s objectives comprehensively. Explain how the questions were designed to gather relevant insights.
  • Thorough Data Analysis: Analyze the primary interview data thoughtfully, drawing meaningful conclusions that contribute to the proposal’s overall argument.

6. Quality of Research:

  • Comprehensive Research: Use high-quality and relevant sources, including course materials, secondary research, academic articles, and media releases, to support your proposal.

By effectively addressing these aspects and providing a well-structured, well-researched, and coherent proposal, you can score well on this assignment. Remember to apply appropriate citation styles and adhere to the word limit to avoid unnecessary penalties.

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