SM9701: Students are required to address the set questions using academic theory and relevant concepts in corporate entrepreneurship or innovation

SM9701: Students are required to address the set questions using academic theory and relevant concepts in corporate entrepreneurship or innovation

Module / Subject / School:

SM9701: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Northumbria University


Part A

  • Undertake a review of the strategic innovation and/or the corporate entrepreneurship process of your own organisation or one you are directly familiar with.
  • Examine the approach of the organisation in the context of the academic literature, outlining the main innovation strategy and/or entrepreneurship processes.
  • Identify what are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach for this organisation (note this is not a standard SWOT analysis, but a critical review of the processes you are examining) and outline some future recommendations to senior management for your chosen organisation.

Part B

  • Reflect also on your personal involvement in innovation or entrepreneurial activity in your working life, and how has your understanding of that experience been changed or enhanced as a result of the learning in this module and your engagement with practice. This may be aided by the use of a reflective learning model.
  • If you have not previously been involved in such activities you may reflect how your role has been shaped by innovation or entrepreneurial decisions made elsewhere.
  • How might your future development in your current role or in a new role be affected by the new knowledge you have gained?

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

For Part A, students must carefully decide whether they want to go with their own organisation, or just stick to one that they are familiar with. This assessment may need some time and effort, so they must choose carefully to be able to create a well-written review of the chosen organisation’s strategic innovation and the corporate entrepreneurship process. Apart from that, there must be an in-depth discussion of the approach of the organisation in terms of the academic literature. You must outline the fundamental innovation strategy or entrepreneurship processes to score well. Moreover, you will have to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the approach that you have examined. It must be done critically and not is a SWOT analysis approach. At the latter part, it is expected that you make an effort to outline a few recommendations that you can give to senior management in the future for your chosen organisation.

Now for Part B, it is essential that you spend time on giving thought to your previous experiences when it comes to your involvement in innovation or entrepreneurial activity when you are working. See to it that you explain how your perception of those experiences changed when this module was discussed. It is best to use a reflective learning model as recommended, so that you are able to properly explain it. Another thing to include is your thoughts on how your future development in the role you currently have or a new one could be affected.

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