Part-time Academic Writing Job

Part-time Academic Writer (Singapore)

Nick essay writer

Hi! I am Nick and we are looking for students from NUS, NTU and SMU to be part-time academic writers. We have helped more than 900 students with their assignments since 2010. Continue if you are interested!


Choose how many words you’d like to write each week.
1,000 words/week (Salary: $90/week) (~4-7 hours of work each week)
1,500 words/week (Salary: $135/week) (~6-10 hours of work each week)
2,000 words/week (Salary: $180/week) (~8-14 hours of work each week)
2,500 words/week (Salary: $225/week) (~10-17 hours of work each week)


Q: What is this job about?

A: We help students complete their assignments.

Q: In your advertisement you mentioned that the job pays $15 per hour?

A: We actually don’t pay by the hour, but we get that figure from the time needed to write 1,000 words. On average, it takes about 6 hours to write a 1,000 word essay. That equates to $15 per hour based on the $90 rate that we are paying.

Q: I am a student. Can I apply

A: Yes you can! This job is exactly for you (: We are however, only hiring students from NUS, NTU and SMU (and schools with better reputation) at the moment.

Q: Will I be given assignments that are only in my discipline (whether its sociology, business, political science, etc.)

A: You will only be given assignments that you can manage. So it can be in any discipline, but rest assure that all of it will be within your capabilities! Should you be uncomfortable about any assignments or deadlines, you have the freedom to reject the piece with no repercussion!

Q: What if there are revisions needed for the piece?

A: You will be responsible for any revisions needed. Rest assure though that any request for revisions will be reasonable and aligned with the original instructions. You will not be told to revise anything that is not aligned with the original instructions!

Q: How are we paid?

A: You are paid through PayNow/Paylah/bank transfer on every Friday.

How it works

step 1


1. Apply using the application template found below

step 2


2. If selected, you will be contacted via Telegram (WhatsApp if you do not have telegram) and will have to go through an assessment of around 500 words.

step 3


3. If you pass the assessment, there MAY be a short alignment program of around 2 hours for you to complete. And you are ready to write!

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