Singapore Academic Writing Job

Freelance Academic Writer (Singapore)

Think you got what it takes to write a great academic essay? We want you.

About Us

We are a Singapore based company that writes and proofreads academic essays that students come to trust and love. In 2018, our writers have helped more than 300 students solve their essay needs.

Started in 2009, we have been in business for a long time now and that is only because we believe in providing quality essays, prompt service, and punctual delivery. You can also read more about us here!


Q: Are there any full-time positions available?

A: Sorry, we are not hiring full-timers at the moment

Q: I am a student. Can I apply

A: Yes you can! This job is exactly for you (: We are however, only hiring students from NUS, NTU and SMU at the moment

Q: Will I be given assignments that are only in my discipline (whether its sociology, business, political science, etc.)

A: You will only be given assignments that you can manage. So it can be in any discipline, but rest assure that all of it will be within your capabilities! Should you be uncomfortable about any assignments or deadlines, you have the freedom to reject the piece with no repercussion!

The Job

The Writing team is the heart and soul of inkmypapers. As such, we are very stringent in who we select to be part of the team. This job is a fantastic opportunity to use the skills you have learnt in university.

Our ideal candidate has a really good GPA/score from university. He/she will be able to analyse deeply and write concisely. Having an open heart to learn and take comments constructively is crucial as well.

Payment Rate: $80 per 1,000 words for first 3 assignments, then $90 per 1,000 words. (A 1,000 words take about 6 hours to complete which equates to around $15 per hour.)

[The video below has incorrectly stated the pay as $100 per 1,000 words. Do note that the correct amount is $90 per 1,000 words]


  • Writes academic essays and reports
  • Understand what is required of each assignment.
  • Liaising with operations manager to understand the requirements and expectations of each assignment
  • Researching for references. Experience has taught you how to research. Your long history in the game helps you choose what should be included in the assignment.
  • Provide timely update and always seek clarification when in doubt
  • Editing, revising and reviewing work especially in response to feedback;
  • Proofread your completed work
  • Highly discipline to meet deadlines and to work at home, or anywhere and anytime to your liking.



  • Universities’ Students and graduates
  • Excellent English language writing skills
  • Excellent in academic writing
  • Good researching and analytical skills

How to apply:

Please send in your application with the following template:

  1. Qualification and Course:
  2. College attended:
  3. GPA (or score) / Maximum GPA (or score):
  4. Grade yourself from A-F (grade F if  you have no experience in it)
    (1) Argumentative Essay (or essays generally)
    (2) Business report writing
    (3) Dissertation

  5. Referencing styles familiar with:
  6. Preferred manner of contact:

Also, attach your resume and a copy of either essays, business reports or dissertations (as many essays as possible) along with the application. Any application that does not answer all the points above or fail to attach relevant documents will be rejected.

Send it all to with title as “Job Application – Singapore (Freelance)”. Enquiries are welcome as well.