SE305: Critically discuss a range of contemporary issues in sport and exercise science

SE305: Critically discuss a range of contemporary issues in sport and exercise science

Module / Subject / School:

SE305: Issues In Sport and Exercise Science

University of Essex


  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Essay 2000 words (60% of module grade]

Assignment Topics

  1. Fitness intervention is a better method to address obesity than healthy eating habits.
  2. The bio-banding of competitive youth sport should be practised by all national sports associations.
  3. Pushy parents enhance the elite performance of young athletes,
  4. Abusive coaching is never justified.

PowerPoint brief:

To support the notion of Increasing physical activity IS the most important lifestyle strategy when treating NAFLD

  • The oral presentation assignment helps develop your ability to interpret evidence and develop meaningful conclusions, which you can then present clearly to an audience.
  • Importantly, this assignment directs you to obtain and present evidence for one particular viewpoint on a contemporary issue — a transferable skill that is highly relevant to future employment.
  • The presentation requires you to produce accompanying PowerPoint slides and you will be assigned a topic to present.
  • Your presentation should:
    • Provide a reasoned, specific, evidenced argument in support of OR against the presentation title
    • Progress in a logical structure
    • Make reference to relevant research studies, providing some details of methods, findings, importance and possible implications, as appropriate
    • lllustrate with specific examples (from course and/or your wider reading)

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment requires you to create two things—a presentation and an essay. Since it was clarified in the assignment brief that 60% of your module grade will be from the essay you will submit, you will have to consider it when it comes to spending your time for the assessments. Be sure to spend more time perfecting your 2000-word essay, while still creating a good quality PowerPoint presentation.

In creating your essay, you need to make sure that you have planned it out first. You may be surprised that the 2000 words for the essay are actually short. BE sure to make it concise and make every word count. Remember to cover a basic introduction to the issue, then synthesize relevant contemporary research articles in a critical manner. Don’t forget to come to a considered conclusion, either for or against the question you are interested in.

For the PowerPoint presentation, it is important to include a reasoned, specific, and evidenced argument, either in support of or against the given presentation title. Your presentation must flow logically and have a solid structure, one that makes it easy to follow what you are presenting. And, of course, you must add the necessary reference to relevant research studies. Also, do not forget to give out details of methods, findings, importance and possible implications whenever suitable.

For both requirements, you will need to refer to the lessons from the lecture topics that were covered from weeks 1 to 4 in the module.

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