SCO201: This is an exercise in writing a policy memo

SCO201: This is an exercise in writing a policy memo

Module / Subject / School:

SCO201: Space, Place, People and the City

Singapore University of Social Sciences


Using your own neighbourhood, imagine you are the neighbourhood representative for the Ministry of National Development. Now that the immediate COVID crisis is being addressed, the Ministry is making plans for enhancing “resilience” in every neighbourhood in Singapore.

As the neighbourhood representative, you have the duty to assess the situation in your community and write a policy memo with your recommendations to the Ministry. You need to explain how your neighbourhood is faring, analyse areas of strength and weakness, and develop proposals for further supporting your area’s resilience.

What is a policy memo? A policy memo is addressed to a specific audience, institution, or individual. This is an exercise in writing a policy memo. A policy memo should take into account the following:
1) Know your audience.
2) Have clear sections in the memo for introduction and background context, observations and analysis of issues, conclusions and recommendations, and possible implementation issues/challenges.
3) Provide clear evidence to support your overall position and main claims.
4) Writing should be clear, concise, persuasive, and professional.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you should integrate and prioritise relevant background to guide your reader. You should then be able to connect this background information to the purpose of the memo. To score high in this assignment, you have to show that you understand the neighbourhood in both its historical and current context.

Furthermore, you must elaborate on a well-defined plan derived from observation and evidence. You should also organise your content logically into segments so that the reader could understand your main arguments, proposals, and areas of analysis. Writing a good piece in this assessment calls for comprehending, interpreting, and analysing a variety of forms of evidence to inform actions and generate wider insights. You must be able to address the problems that are often overlooked by determining their underlying causes.

To gain a high mark, your ideas must be developed using relevant concepts and communicated clearly with no confusion of word choice. Don’t forget to use relevant and reliable sources and properly cite them.

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