SCO101: Respond to the question “Why do good?” in the context of a real-world case study of global concern (800-words essay). Why Do Good? assignment

SCO101: Respond to the question “Why do good?” in the context of a real-world case study of global concern (800-words essay). Why Do Good? assignment

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SCO101 Why Do Good?

Singapore University of Social Sciences


In this assignment, you are required to respond to the question “Why do good?” in the context of a real-world case study of global concern in strictly no more than 800-words (excluding references). This assignment should not be answered in bullet points but in the form of a short essay. However, you are welcome to label the parts of your short essay that correspond to the different essay tasks.

Note: Global concerns are issues that every nation in the world is concerned about, such as child labour, human trafficking, migration, torture, humanitarian intervention, pandemics, scarce resources, discrimination, wars, online privacy, etc. This list is non-exhaustive. The case study you select for this assignment should be different from the topic chosen for the DB. To ensure your work is original, you should not use any of the case studies that have been covered exhaustively in the course materials. Please consult your instructor on the list of topics that
should be avoided for the TMA.

You will be assessed holistically and the following breakdown of tasks will help guide you in  developing and organising your essay response:

(a) Present a real-world case study highlighting a moral issue of global concern. You should identify relevant ethical considerations for discussion.
(b) Give a personal response to the ethical issue(s) in (a) by responding to the question of “Why do good?”. You should make a claim and explain what doing good means (use “should/ought” and underline your claim).
(c) Demonstrate ethical reasoning by providing reasons to support your claim in (b). You must give 2 reasons (number your reasons) and apply an ethical theory you have learned in this course to support each of your reasons (i.e., reason 1 supported by theory 1; reason 2, supported by theory 2)
(d) Discuss possible constraints or limitations to both of the theories you have applied (i.e., 1 constraint/limitation to each theory; total 2 constraints/limitations). It must be discussed within the context of this case study.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

The assignment requires students to respond to the question “Why do good?” in the context of a real-world case study of global concern.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Case study selection: Choose a real-world case study that highlights a moral issue of global concern. It is important to select a case study that has not been extensively covered in the course materials to ensure originality. Consider global concerns such as child labor, human trafficking, migration, discrimination, etc. You should present the case study in a clear and concise manner, providing relevant details and ethical considerations for discussion.
  2. Personal response: Give a personal response to the ethical issue(s) raised in the selected case study. Make a claim about why doing good is important and explain their understanding of what doing good means. It is recommended to use the terms “should” or “ought” to clearly indicate their claim. Express their own perspectives and insights while considering the broader implications of the ethical issue.
  3. Ethical reasoning: Demonstrate ethical reasoning by providing reasons to support their claim. Provide two reasons and apply an ethical theory learned in the course to support each reason. It is important to clearly number the reasons and theories to ensure clarity in the essay. Provide well-reasoned arguments and draw connections between the ethical theories and the specific case study.
  4. Constraints or limitations of theories: Discuss possible constraints or limitations of the two ethical theories you have applied in the previous section. Identify one constraint or limitation for each theory, making a total of two constraints or limitations. It is crucial that these constraints or limitations are discussed within the context of the selected case study. Analyze and evaluate the theories critically, considering their applicability and potential shortcomings.
  5. Essay structure and organization: Structure the essay as a coherent piece of writing. Avoid using bullet points and instead write a short essay that flows logically from one section to the next. Use appropriate headings or labels to clearly indicate the different parts of the essay, such as the case study presentation, personal response, ethical reasoning, and constraints or limitations. Additionally, ensure that the essay adheres to the word limit specified (800 words excluding references).

By following these guidelines, students can effectively address the assignment requirements and provide a well-structured and well-reasoned essay response.

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