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Research papers are one of the hardest assignments students get, but you can trust our research paper writers on getting it right. The most important of which is that the chapters must be coherent, from research questions to the discussion.

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Hi, I am Nick and I started this research paper writing service for part-time Singaporean students that either lack time or just don’t know how to do their research papers.

As a student myself previously, I understand how you feel about needing to write research papers and the concerns you have about hiring research paper writers like us.

What you want from research paper writing service is simple.


Guaranteed Pass. Why even pay for such services when you cannot even pass?


Good Quality Work. More than just pass, you want your work to be good enough to score a B or an A.


Keep your information secret. Your identity and research paper title is kept confidential.


Based in Singapore. A Singaporean writer that you can keep in contact with and talk to when you have any questions.


Someone you can trust so you can stop worrying about your research paper!

You can get all these by using our research paper writing service here at inkmypapers.



Why are we better?

Unlike most research writing services, we don’t write half-baked research papers. Our research paper writers are hired then trained to write all parts of a research paper format for you: The introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion. Here are three more benefits of our research paper writing service:

We have high standards for our writers, which is why only around 2.6% of all applicants are hired from the extensive screening and training process. Also, our writers are all from reputable schools and scored good grades.

We don’t just accept research papers and essays mindlessly, we screen orders and make sure to take up only the ones we are sure to produce excellent output for.

You will receive drafts along the way so you can be sure our work is on the right track and of great quality. If you find anything unsatisfactory, you can ask for revisions, or even a refund.


More perks for every research paper you’ve ordered

200% money-back guarantee on all orders, including research paper services.

You will have a dedicated manager to manage your order, so you can contact him at anytime.

5 Day unlimited revision period, so you don’t have to worry about your research paper.

Research paper samples we have done

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“I mean quality bro, can trust inkmypapers work”

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“Again, thank you very much for everything. I’ve checked your work, it is so good!”

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“I received my grades for this assignment. 86/100. Thanks so much!!”


“Hello Nick, we looked through both the papers and felt that the contents were rly good!!”

What You Get

More than having hard working people working on your assignment, you get the following with every order:

—  Sure-Pass 200% money-back guarantee
—  Plagiarism Report by Grammarly Premium
—  Quality Control Report
—  5 days Unlimited Revision Period
—  Dedicated Support Manager

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