RBP020L074A: Case Study Article – on the future of the HR profession

RBP020L074A: Case Study Article – on the future of the HR profession

Module / Subject / School:

RBP020L074A: HR Business Partnering

University of Roehampton


You will submit a research proposal for discussion with your module tutor. This will document your research question, methodology and methods. You will submit the final draft of your summative report for discussion with your module tutor.

Instructions for the summative assessment

The assessment for this module is through a Case Study Article. The report will require you to critically examine the future of the HR profession. There will be regular opportunities for feedback on your individual work in progress and an opportunity for formative assessment of your Case Study while it is under construction. The question is:

“To what extent does the approach suggested by the authors address the challenges facing the human resource function and its leadership? Critically examine the article and conclude on its suggested approach to human resource management.”

Should you fail the assessment at the first attempt and be referred to retake the coursework, only the individual elements will be reworked for the same project scenario, with 10% of the resit mark awarded for an additional reflective statement demonstrating how you learnt from the feedback and what you did differently the second time.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

If there is one thing that you must not forget before starting with this assessment, it is that you should strategise and plan first. Planning everything out early on will eliminate any unnecessary work and loss of energy. Students who successfully do this beforehand will make their writing process more efficient and streamlined, and it will allow them to take a shorter amount of time to finish. Those who do not, on the other hand, may have a harder time writing a proposal for the assessment and it may even take them a longer period of time to complete.

It is crucial for students doing this assessment to be able to critically analyse the future of the HR profession. You must be able to answer the question with an in-depth understanding and examination of the article because this will determine whether or not you will receive high marks in your assignment. Another important thing that students must keep in mind is that creating a good conclusion on its suggested approach to human resource management is equally important. See to it that you are able to discuss the limits of which the approach can address the challenging situations that the human resource function and its leadership encounter. If you are able to do this, there will be higher chances of you getting the highest marks. You must be extra careful in this assessment so that you won’t have to make another attempt if ever you fail it on your first try.

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