RBP020L050A: Provide a detailed critique of at least two well-used research methodologies

RBP020L050A: Provide a detailed critique of at least two well-used research methodologies

Module / Subject / School:

RBP020L050A: Business Research Methods

University of Roehampton



  • To provide a detailed critique of at least two well-used research methodologies
  • To construct a research instrument that could be used to collect data in your capstone project. You will not be collecting any data, just designing the tool.
  • To reflect upon the audience and critical aspects of research dissemination in the specific context of your potential research findings and outcomes from the developed instrument.

A good research question is…

  • relevant enough in order to generate new knowledge of academic quality, if the question were answered.
  • acknowledging the state of the art literature and prior knowledge of the closest related academic discourse.
  • one question, not a nested composition of multiple aspects and questions listed.
  • a question normally ending with question mark (“?”), not a sentence, topic or statement.
  • phrased in simple, unambiguous term.
  • precise and without contradictions.
  • using keywords that are a) meaningful for academics in the same discipline plus b) keywords that signpost the studied case / dataset etc.

Research question

  • Your interested discipline/subject?
  • Chosen context/ industry?
  • Target audiences/ participants?

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Our Writer’s Comment 

In doing this piece of assignment, students will need to remember a couple of things. First, they must be able to give a comprehensive evaluation of more than two widely known and frequented research methodologies as musch as they can. If not, chances are the assignment would look incomplete, which will then ultimately result in reduced grades. Something to do to help you with this is to spend some of your time exploring the methodologies that will be appropriate for giving a critique, that way you  will determine which ones will enable you to write a critique filled with thorough details. Second, students are going to need to make up their own research instruments that they can use to gather the needed data for their capstone project. Take note, however, that it will not necessarily be used to collect some data as this assessment actually aims to test your ability to design such tools. If done correctly, the instructor will fairly give you high grades. Just so you know, you might need a good amount of time for this, so prepare accordingly and set a fair amount of time for it. And third, students will also need to be able to make a reflection on the audience and some critical aspects of research dissemination. It must be specific in the context of your possible research findings and outcomes from the designed instrument. Some may this hard, but it will have a great impact on the quality of the assignment.

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