Quality Control

Quality Control

Behind the scenes of how we maintain the quality of our essays.

1) Hiring Process

Our minimum requirement for all of our writers is a degree, with most of them having a master’s level qualification. Once they meet the minimum requirement, they go through a series of test to determine if their standards are high enough for us.

2) Training Period

The selected writers will receive further training in various areas of essay writing. These include techniques on writing a clear and concise essay, signposting and correct usage of words, and plenty more. They will also be taught the InkMyPapers method of writing an essay.

quality control for university assignment help

3) Writing Phase

All of our writers are provided with a specially prepared toolkit to allow them to work at their very best. The toolkit includes a copy of our QC checklist that will help them write in a way that is recommended by top universities.

4) After completion

Once an essay is completed, it will be sent over to our Quality Assurance team for checks and revisions to ensure the essay adheres to our strictest standards. The Quality Assurance team also go through our hiring process and training period..

5) Submitting

Essays are made available for download only after the Quality Assurance team give the green light. You will then have 5 days to determine if the essay is good enough for you. If the result is unsatisfactory, we will provide free, unlimited modifications during this period!

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