PSY393: Are creative thinkers simply more intelligent than average?

PSY393: Are creative thinkers simply more intelligent than average?

Module / Subject / School:

PSY393: The Developing Mind

Murdoch University


Nusbaum, E. C. & Silvia, P. J. (2011). Are intelligence and creativity really so different? Fluid intelligence, executive processes, and strategy use in divergent thinking. Intelligence, 39, 36-45. doi: 10.1016/j.intell.2010.11.002

Zabelina, D. L. & Ganis, G. (2018). Creativity and cognitive control: Behavioral and ERP evidence that divergent thinking, but not real-life creative achievement, relates to better cognitive control. Neuropsychologia, 118, 20-28. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2018.02.014

It is recommended that you use the listed readings as a starting point. You are not required to use them, but you may find them helpful. You are expected to find additional, relevant references for yourself.

You will be assessed on:

  • the adequacy of your reading of the literature on the topic
  • the relevance of your answer to the set question
  • your ability to construct a logical argument considering alternative points of view
  • your appropriate use of empirical evidence to back up your case
  • your appropriate critique of relevant literature
  • how convincing your conclusions are
  • the clarity of your writing

For further details on how your essay will be assessed, see the essay marking rubric document in LMS.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assessment recommends you to read up on the 2 listed readings above before answering the essay question, so it will be better to read them even if you are not required to do so. What would also be a great idea to do in this essay assignment is to read the recommended general reading as well. This will give you a better understanding on the topic that you will be writing about.

Another thing to consider is making an abstract for the essay. Although this is not part of the word count, it is best to include it so that you are able to highlight your key points from the start. This will also provide you an opportunity to explain what the essay includes.

As you read the recommended readings, take note of certain keywords so that you will have an easier time when looking for additional references that are relevant to the topic.

An important idea that you must also pay attention to is the relationship between intelligence and creativity. There are a bunch of research studies and articles that discuss all about this, so be sure to read those as well. Including more references about this will help you avoid having insufficient research in answering the question, which  may lead to a poorly written essay. Besides the references, take note that the instructor will also assess how good you are able to to construct a logical argument along with considering alternative points of view.

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