PSY388: Mental Health News Article Review & Critique

PSY388: Mental Health News Article Review & Critique

Module / Subject / School:

PSY388: Psychology: Abnormal Behaviour

Murdoch University


  • Identify a relevant news articles that portrays a mental health issue, with which you must critically engage. You can select from one of the news articles provided on LMS, or you may select one that you locate yourself.
  • Read relevant literature on the mental health topic (e.g., a particular disorder) to ensure you have a good understanding of relevant (i) biological, (ii) psychological, (iii) social, and (iv) ethical considerations pertaining to this topic. When reading this literature, consider how effectively (or ineffectively) the article covers the domains relevant to a biopsychosocial perspective, and the principles relevant to the APS Code of Ethics.
  • Write a 1000 word Review and Critique that critiques the news article, drawing on relevant literature to back up your arguments.
  • At the end of the critique (or can be embedded at the end of sections/paragraphs depending on how you structure it), in addition to the 1000 word review/critique, provide a minimum of 4 dot-points of suggested changes to the news article based on your review, in order to  improve the use of evidence and the ethical portrayal of mental health issues.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

This piece of assignment requires you to review a news or media article that portrays a mental health issue. Before you start, it will be a good idea for you to find an article that will maximise your critical thinking skills. This entails you refreshing your learnings in the module so that you know what keywords or ideas to look for in searching for a good news article. Students who fail to do this first unfortunately take more time than necessary to identify a relevant news article that they can critically engage with. Additionally, you must also find relevant literature that talks about the mental health topic you have identified in the news article. This is important because in writing your review, you will use this to back up your arguments.

It is a requirement that you read the related literature that you have found so that you will be able to have a clear idea of the different considerations that are connected to the mental health topic. You must not forget to also check if the article was able to cover the principles that are applicable to the APS Code of Ethics, as well as areas applicable to a biopsychosocial perspective. In order to score a high mark in this piece of assessment, you will need to critically analyse the news article and be able to choose relevant literature to support your line of reasoning and arguments. You will also need to take your time doint the last part of the assignment, which is to come up with at least 4 suggestions on how to improve the news article based on your review.

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