PSY367: Apply principles from the psychology of work stress and conduct an online quantitative survey (n = 10) to appraise the value of supplies-needs fit in organisational efficacy. Work Stress assignment

PSY367: Apply principles from the psychology of work stress and conduct an online quantitative survey (n = 10) to appraise the value of supplies-needs fit in organisational efficacy Work Stress assignment

Module / Subject / School:

PSY367 Work Stress

Singapore University of Social Sciences


Apply principles from the psychology of work stress and conduct an online quantitative survey (n = 10) to appraise the value of supplies-needs fit in organisational efficacy (i.e., can and how does person-environment fit impact work performance).

Analyse the findings and formulate THREE (3) recommendations to show how organisations in  Singapore can improve their employees’ psychological well-being, organisational commitment, and job involvement.

References (5 marks)
Note on use of referencing software
Reference lists created by referencing software have formatting restrictions and your instructor will not be able to insert comments within the list. If you wish to receive feedback on errors in your reference list, prepare this without using any referencing software.

The References lists the full reference of all sources cited or referred to in your assignment. In-text citations also need to be presented accurately in APA format.

There will be no awarding of 1, 2, or 3 marks.
5 marks: Perfect in-text citations and reference list (minimum of 5 references cited)
4 marks: 1 or 2 minor stylistic or formatting errors (minimum of 5 references cited)
0 marks: Fails to meet the above requirements

English competency (5 marks)
5 marks: Extremely well-written with no grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors
4 marks: Well-written with one or two grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors
3 marks: Fairly well-written but with several grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors
2 marks: Poorly written with grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors which affect the coherence
0 – 1 mark: Badly written with serious grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors

Additional guidance to write your report
At the end of your project, you need to submit a report. Put simply, a report should tell the reader the following things:
1. Why was the study conducted?
2. What was done in the study?
3. What were the results of the study?
4. What conclusions can be drawn from these results?

To answer the question fully, you are required to include the following sections in your report:

Title (< 10 words)
The title should highlight the essence of the report in less than 10 words.

Introduction (~450 words)
You should provide a summary of relevant extant literature and briefly explain how personenvironment fit affects work performance.

Method (~150 words)
In this section, you describe how the project was conducted. Your method section should include:

1. A brief description of the material(s) used
2. The selection and size of the sample
3. The process of setting up the study
4. Acknowledgement of ethical issues and how your study had addressed them

Analysis (~ 150 words)
This section shows the strength of your questions in the mining of primary data. You should report your findings and describe the analysis.

Discussion (~450 words)
The discussion should critically and carefully analyse how job-environment fit affects employees’ job performance. Other points that can be included in this section are (1) the job situation in Singapore and (2) the characteristics of the Singapore worker.
In this section, you may want to consider the general implications that can be drawn from this project, whether there were any surprises or unexpected results, and how these couldbe interpreted.
You will discuss the limitations and make positive suggestions for future work in the area so that further study can develop and emerge from your research.

This section is often overlooked and neglected. However, it is very important and needs to be completed following APA7 standards. You are recommended to take note of a citation when you include it in the main text to ensure the reference list is comprehensive and accurate. Please note that any in-text citations must appear in the reference list, and vice
versa. As this section is to examine your understanding and application of APA7 referencing, students must not use any software to assist with the referencing process.

You should include a copy of your annotated transcript and any notes that you have made on how you identified your key themes. This will help your tutor to assess how you have done your analysis. You are also required to attach the questionnaire used for the survey, participants’ responses, and the consent form.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the psychology of work stress.

Here are some comments and suggestions to help students score well:

    1. Title: Choose a concise title that captures the essence of your report in less than 10 words.
    2. Introduction: Provide a summary of relevant existing literature and briefly explain the relationship between person-environment fit and work performance. Aim to write around 450 words for this section.
    3. Method: In approximately 150 words, describe how the project was conducted. Include a brief description of the materials used, the sample size and selection process, the study setup process, and acknowledgment of any ethical issues and how they were addressed.
    4. Analysis: In approximately 150 words, report your findings and describe the analysis process. Highlight the strength of your data mining questions and discuss the results obtained.
    5. Discussion: Allocate around 450 words for this section. Critically analyze how job-environment fit impacts employees’ job performance. Consider discussing the job situation in Singapore and the characteristics of Singaporean workers. Address any surprises or unexpected results and offer interpretations. Identify limitations and provide positive suggestions for future research in the area.
    6. References: Follow APA7 standards when listing your references. Remember to include all sources cited in the main text and ensure they are accurately formatted. Do not use referencing software for this section, as it is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and application of APA7 referencing.
    7. Appendices: Include relevant supporting materials, such as an annotated transcript, notes on key themes, the survey questionnaire, participants’ responses, and the consent form. These appendices will aid your tutor in evaluating your analysis.

    Pay attention to the details of the assignment, such as word limits and referencing requirements. Ensure your report is well-written, with no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, to demonstrate your English competency.

    By following these guidelines, conducting a quantitative survey, analyzing the findings, and formulating three recommendations for improving employees’ psychological well-being, organizational commitment, and job involvement, you can produce a high-quality report

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