PSY251: Lab Report

PSY251: Lab Report

Module / Subject / School:

PSY251: Psychology: Biological Bases of Behaviour

Murdoch University


Your task is to write a laboratory report on the study. Your lab report must be written using APA standard and format  conventions version 6 or later. You should consult Burton et al. (2018) or O’Shea’s Writing in Psychology texts when writing your lab report. Refer to the Unit Guide for further information and assessment details on the lab report.

To write a coherent lab report, you should:

  1. Read the literature on the topic widely to build a strong rationale for the study, and make sure that your research question(s) and hypotheses are derived from existing literature and evidence
  2. Discuss the findings in relation to the literature
  3. Recognise strengths but focus on discussing weaknesses and making appropriate recommendation(s) to address any limitation.

Other points:

  1. You can assume that there were no outliers nor missing data, and that the data met assumptions of normality, linearity, and homoscedasticity.
  2. A separate measure of effect size is not required to be calculated as Pear’s r itself is also an index of the strength of the relationship between the two variables.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

In doing this assessment, you must remember that you are writing a lab report, so be sure to include all the parts needed. It is important that you are able to produce a coherent and well-structured lab report. This is a critical thing to keep in mind, because students who don’t usually end up receiving poor marks. If you are someone who would like to get a high mark for this assessment, then you must not fail in following the key points to writing a coherent report.

The first thing you need to do, even before writing your lab report, is to read the literature extensively. This will enable you to have a well-built rationale for the study. Don’t forget that you should also talk about the results and findings with reference to the literature that you have read and analysed.

One more thing that students must keep in mind is that they should have a focus in terms of discussing about the weaknesses, rather than the strengths. This is so that you will be able to make a good recommendation to allow the limitation to be addressed. Something that students would tend to brush off is that they are free to assume that there were no outliers. They can also assume that there is no missing data, and that it is able to meet assumptions of normality, linearity, and homoscedasticity. Last thing to note is that you are not required to calculate a separate measure of effect size.

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