PSY203: Provide a critical summary of the paper. What were the aims of the paper? How was the study conducted? What were the main findings?. Developmental Psychology assignment

PSY203: Provide a critical summary of the paper. What were the aims of the paper? How was the study conducted? What were the main findings?. Developmental Psychology assignment

Module / Subject / School:

PSY203 Developmental Psychology

TMC Academy


Major Assignment: Article Review (50%)

Article Review:

You will write a critical review of a journal article related to any topic in developmental Psychology discussed in this class.

The objectives of this assignment are:

  1. To critically evaluate an article and be able to relate it to subject content.
  2. To be able to connect assumptions in the article to a certain model/ theory discussed in class.
  • To be able to apply a particular model/ theory of human development as lens for the article review.
  1. To be able to present your ideas and views with proper justification on a selected issue.

Your write-up should consist of the following:

Key Points and Context of the Paper

Here you need essentially to provide a critical summary of the paper. What were the aims of the paper? How was the study conducted? What were the main findings?

In addition, think about the social and political context the work was written in. What country was it written in? What sort of culture?  What are some of the economic, social and political concerns that might be at play in the paper? Do you think this context makes a difference to the way the research problem has been framed, and to the way the research has been carried out?

Theoretical Framework

No paper arises in an academic or social vacuum. Research is conducted to address a particular theoretical or practical problem, and arises within a theoretical and research context.
To address this question, you need to think about the research and theoretical background against which the research is set. What are the theoretical ideas that inform the research? Where do they come from? What are the gaps in research it is attempting to address and why?  You will need to read relevant research beyond the paper set in order to do this properly.


Discuss the practicality of the argument made by the article (Does evidence presented in the article support claims from your chosen theory)?

What are your views of the article?

Does the article make logical sense to your given knowledge of Developmental Psychology?

How are the assumptions similar/ different to other articles you have read on this issue? (provide citation when quoting from other sources and include it in your references throughout your write-up)


Analyze the suggestions made by the article to parents, educators, counsellors, psychologists, policy makers, or any other stakeholders relevant to the issue.

What are your recommendations about the issue raised in the article?


A reference list of at least 10 references should be attached; it should conform to APA style (see flowing page). You should make sure that most of your references are published works, i.e., journals and press articles.


A copy of your article should be retained and placed in the Appendices. Submit your article in a separate file to me via e-mail. Do not submit through Turnitin.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the theories.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Choosing the Article: Select a journal article related to a topic in developmental psychology that genuinely interests you. This will make the review more engaging and insightful. Ensure the article aligns well with the content discussed in the class to fulfill the assignment’s objectives.
  2. Context and Key Points: Start your review with a concise summary of the article, highlighting its aims, methodology, and main findings. Remember to provide a critical evaluation rather than merely summarizing the content. Also, consider the social, political, and cultural context in which the research was conducted. This analysis will show your ability to connect the article to broader issues.
  3. Theoretical Framework: Explore the theoretical background against which the research is set. Identify the theoretical ideas that inform the article and the gaps it seeks to address. This requires reading relevant research beyond the assigned article to gain a comprehensive understanding.
  4. Critique and Logical Sense: In your critique, assess the practicality of the article’s argument and whether the presented evidence supports the claims from your chosen theory. Be objective in your assessment, providing evidence to support your views. Consider the logical sense of the article in the context of your knowledge of developmental psychology.
  5. Comparing Assumptions: Compare the assumptions presented in the article with other sources you have read on the same issue. Provide citations when quoting from other works and include them in your references. This comparison will demonstrate your ability to synthesize information from multiple sources.
  6. Conclusion and Recommendations: In the conclusion, analyze the suggestions made by the article to stakeholders like parents, educators, psychologists, etc. Formulate well-reasoned recommendations based on your analysis of the article and its implications. Support your recommendations with evidence and logical reasoning.
  7. References: Pay close attention to APA style guidelines for formatting your reference list. Ensure you have at least 10 relevant references from journals and press articles to support your review. Use academic and credible sources to strengthen your arguments.
  8. Appendices: Include a copy of the article in the appendices as requested. Submit it separately via email and not through Turnitin, as specified.
  9. Presentation and Organization: Use clear headings and subheadings to organize your review logically. Follow the specified font type and size, and maintain proper margins to present a polished and professional-looking assignment.
  10. Critical Analysis: Approach the article review with a critical mindset. Avoid biased views and strive to present a balanced evaluation. Use evidence to support your arguments and avoid generalizations.
  11. Seek Feedback: Consider seeking feedback from your peers or instructor before submission. This can help you identify areas for improvement and strengthen your review.

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