PSY009700: Design a selection process that will help Johnsons Care Company to select the best candidate to fill the post of Public Relations and Marketing Assistant. Work Psychology assignment

PSY009700: Design a selection process that will help Johnsons Care Company to select the best candidate to fill the post of Public Relations and Marketing Assistant. Work Psychology assignment

Module / Subject / School:

PSY009700 Work Psychology

Edinburgh Napier University


The task for this first assessment is:

You have been asked by Johnsons Care Company to advise them on selecting a Graduate to fill the post of Public Relations and Marketing Assistant. You will design a selection process that will help them select the best candidate.

Write a report documenting a selection process that could be used to select this person. You should give evidence for your recommendations. NB The selection process is not the recruitment process. You should cover only the selection process and that is the process by which decisions on hiring are made. There are no marks for documenting the recruitment process (advertising, etc) although you may want to cover this for process.

Your report should cover:

1. The knowledge, skills, attitudes and other characteristics (KSAOs) you will assess and the methods that will be used to make the selection decision. This section of the report should be no longer than 15% of the report.
2. Select appropriate methods to evidence the KSAOs
3. You should justify (not just describe) the methods you have chosen considering reliability, validity, fairness and utility. There are marks for using these and they are important. Do not miss these out.
4. You should evidence your report with material drawn from the module and from wider journal articles to support your justifications.

Your report should be 2,000 words (plus or minus 10%) excluding references. Marks will be deducted for substantial deviation from the guideline.

Submission Guidelines: When you submit this assignment it should via Turnitin. You should title your assessment WP Assignment 1 and your name.

Weighting of this assessment: 70%

Submission Date: See Moodle.

Students are advised that a request for an extension due to computer errors or time differences if submitting late in on the final day will not be accepted.

Appendix I
Person Specification

Relevant professional qualification or demonstrably similar skills evident to the requirements of the post

Previous experience of being involved in marketing and public relations activity
Drafting copy for literature such as leaflets
Experience of using social media (especially twitter and Facebook)
Proof reading and editing publications
Handling calls and queries from managers and the media
Researching and gathering information
Office routines and procedures including data protection and staff safety

Experience of dealing with local and national and international media
Experience of working on high profile events

Skills and Abilities:
Persuasive, influencing and communications skills: including in situations requiring robust debate and challenge
A collaborative and inclusive approach
Strong literacy skills
Confident in dealing with others
Effective administration skills
IT literature, with ability to process and amend documents and publications quickly and accurately using a range of IT applications
Ability to work on own initiative/self-starter

Personal qualities:
Flexible approach to work by responding to the needs of the services including at time requirements to work beyond normal working hours
Strong team player, committed to an ethos of continuous improvement
Commitment to own continuous personal and professional development

Johnsons Corporate Care

Company Background

Johnsons is a medium sized corporation started originally by Kenneth Johnson, who is still the chair of the board although it is now a public company. Johnson’s core business is providing personal care materials and services for a range of organisations across several countries.

This post sits in the Corporate Communications Team and is based in Singapore.

Key Duties and responsibilities of the post
1. To consider and use a wide range of public relations and marketing techniques to get messages and information out to relevant communities, in discussion with the Communications team.
2. To act as brand champion, ensuring consistent use of the corporate brand.
3. To produce, and support production of key internal and external newsletters and publication as required.
4. Work with the communications team to develop and improve the use of social medial platforms
5. To deal with relevant publication relations and marketing queries, including social media queries and ensure they are answered promptly and accurately
6. To support delivery of key events and exhibitions and lead on these as required.
7. To ensure effective processes are in place to manage relevant materials, for explore setting up on-line photo and literature libraries
8. To research, identify and gather good practice and use it to inform activity.
9. To work as part of the Communications Team, with involvement in all team activities, as required.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the selection process concepts.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  • Introduction: Start by clearly stating the task and its purpose. Explain that you have been asked by Johnsons Care Company to design a selection process for the Public Relations and Marketing Assistant position.
  • Section 1: KSAOs and Selection Methods: Identify the Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and other characteristics (KSAOs) you will assess for the position. Briefly describe the methods you will use to make the selection decision. Ensure this section is no longer than 15% of the report.
  • Section 2: Appropriate Methods for Evidencing KSAOs: Select suitable methods to evaluate the identified KSAOs. Consider techniques such as interviews, tests, and assessments. Explain how these methods align with the job requirements and effectively assess candidates.
  • Section 3: Justification of Methods: Provide a comprehensive justification for the chosen methods. Discuss their reliability, validity, fairness, and utility. Emphasize the importance of using these criteria in the selection process.
  • Section 4: Evidence and Support: Utilize materials from the module and relevant journal articles to support your recommendations and justifications. Use credible sources to strengthen your arguments and demonstrate a well-researched report.
  • Report Length: Be mindful of the word limit (2,000 words, plus or minus 10%). Avoid significant deviations, as marks may be deducted for exceeding the specified length.
  • Submission Guidelines: When submitting the assignment via Turnitin, title it as “WP Assignment 1” followed by your name. Adhere to the given submission date provided in Moodle.
  • Weighting: Remember that this assessment carries a 70% weighting, so ensure each section is well-structured and thoroughly justified.
  • Professionalism: Maintain a professional tone throughout the report. Avoid informal language and use clear, concise sentences and paragraphs.
  • Supporting Materials: Make use of Appendix I – Person Specification and the background information about Johnsons Corporate Care to enhance your report’s content.
  • Conclusion: Summarize the key points of the selection process and its significance for Johnsons Care Company. Reinforce the relevance of the chosen methods in selecting the most suitable candidate for the Public Relations and Marketing Assistant position.

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