Participate in a ‘Simbrand’ team exercise and use your knowledge of marketing to make decisions on a brand simulation game. Marketing assignment

Participate in a ‘Simbrand’ team exercise and use your knowledge of marketing to make decisions on a brand simulation game. Marketing assignment

Module / Subject / School:


Instructions on Assessment:

Throughout the module, students will participate in a ‘Simbrand’ team exercise, in which they will use their growing knowledge of marketing to make decisions on a brand simulation game. Students will complete a portfolio as the summative assessment submission.

The portfolio will consist of:

  • Part A: SimBrand results 8 rounds, with 2 graded rounds (weighted at 20%)
  • Part B: Virtual presentation (group) with accompanying materials (briefing report/ research as appropriate)– weighted at 40% (10 mins)
  • Part C: Self and peer assessment exercise including reflection on team working. This is weighted at 40 % (1400 words).

Further Details

Part A:  20% of the module is allocated to the results of the SimBrand game.

  • 10% of the module mark is derived from the rank of the student’s Simbrand group within their ‘universe’ after decision 3
  • 10% of the module mark is derived from the rank of the student’s Simbrand group within their ‘universe’ after decision 6,

Part B: 40% Virtual/digital presentation – using PowerPoint with voice over. This is a team task and is focused on your SimBrand organisation. Each team will need to summarise their marketing strategy demonstrating how they used market intelligence, product design and aftercare, financial date and technology innovation to creating ‘a winning team and product’.

The presentation should be 10 minutes long and it’s compulsory that every member of the group participates.

Part C: Self and peer assessment exercise, including reflective statement on your own and your team’s learning, skills, participation, and contribution. You will consider enquiry- and/or problem-based learning and team-based working in relation to professional skills and competence for future studies (Level 6) and future work. Your record of evidence (appendices) may include, for example: a record of attendance and participation (particularly in team activities), project planning.

A Peer Evaluation Form must be completed individually by each group member and submitted as a hard copy.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their marketing knowledge.

To excel in this assessment, you need to approach it strategically and collaboratively. Here’s how to ensure a high-quality submission:

Part A: SimBrand Results (20%)

Focus on making informed decisions throughout the SimBrand game. Aim to achieve a high rank within your ‘universe’ after decision 3 and 6. This involves understanding market dynamics, adapting your marketing strategy, and leveraging your knowledge effectively.

Part B: Virtual Presentation (40%)

Work closely with your team to create a compelling and comprehensive presentation. Use PowerPoint with voice-over to communicate your SimBrand organization’s marketing strategy. Make sure to address how you utilized market intelligence, product design, aftercare, financial data, and technology innovation to develop a winning team and product.

  • Structure your presentation logically, addressing each aspect of your marketing strategy clearly.
  • Assign specific sections to each team member for a balanced participation.
  • Provide visual aids and data to support your points effectively.
  • Ensure a smooth voice-over delivery, rehearsing well in advance.
  • Stay within the 10-minute time limit; practice the timing to manage it effectively.

Part C: Self and Peer Assessment (40%)

Take this section seriously as it reflects your reflective skills and ability to work in a team.

  • Start with a self-assessment: Evaluate your own learning, skills, participation, and contribution. Be honest about your strengths and areas you could improve.
  • Reflect on your team’s dynamics: Analyze the teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Identify what worked well and what could have been better.
  • Connect your experiences to your professional development: Discuss how the skills you gained or refined during this module will benefit your future studies and career.
  • Include evidence: Attach relevant evidence like records of attendance, team project planning, or any other materials that support your reflections.

General Tips:

  • Collaboration is Key: Actively participate and contribute to your SimBrand team. Effective teamwork will positively influence both your results and your self and peer assessment.
  • In-Depth Understanding: Grasp the underlying marketing concepts and strategies discussed in the module. This will help you make well-informed decisions in the game and confidently present your marketing strategy.
  • Time Management: Allocate sufficient time for each part of the portfolio. Don’t rush through any section; each contributes significantly to your final grade.
  • Clarity and Structure: Organize your portfolio logically. Each section should flow smoothly, and your thoughts should be well-structured and clearly articulated.
  • References: If you’re drawing from external sources or using any theoretical frameworks, remember to reference them correctly using the appropriate citation style.

By paying attention to each part of the assignment and working collaboratively with your team, you’ll be in a strong position to score well. Good luck!

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