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Top 8 Paraphrasing Tool Websites

When you have writing requirements, whether be it for school or work, sometimes you are looking for tools that can either fast track or assist you with your writing tasks, like a paraphrasing tool.

I understand that writing can be time consuming, and paraphrasing can be tough especially when you are writing long pieces and have to paraphrase long or complicated paragraphs.

Hence, a paraphrasing tool can be helpful to either do the job for you or give you ideas on how to paraphrase your work on your own, but which ones are really efficient?

Here in this blog article I will give you 8 paraphrasing websites, these are ones that I have tried myself in order to ensure that my recommendations will be of good use for you.

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Content Professor

Content Professor is not really a paraphrasing tool alone but is an article spinning website. If you want to reuse a previously written article of your own, then this is a good option.

This website is available for free, you can either sign up for a standard account for free with limited services offered or premium with quarterly $9.99 per month or monthly $19.95 per month to enjoy all of the website’s features.

The standard account allows 5 daily download limit of articles, 8,000 synonyms and 5,000 word count limit.

Free Spinner

Free spinner is a decent paraphrasing website that can be used online, although it does not provide a limit as to how much characters or words one can paraphrase using the website.

The website does not alter much of the paragraph’s structure but it can significantly alter a paragraph’s wording.

You can copy and paste directly online, it’s a paraphrasing tool online free, and it does not require registration at all, just a reCAPTCHA before paraphrasing.

Paraphrase Online

Like most paraphrasing tools, paraphrase online only takes copying and pasting content, however, it works more like a rewording tool than a paraphrasing tool. I also observed that it can miss on some words and sentences.

It’s also a paraphrasing tool online free and does not require registration. However, it does not mention character or word count limit.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool like most paraphrasing websites only takes copying and pasting content, the advantage paraphrasing tool has with other websites, for instance, as compared to paraphrase online, paraphrasing tool seems to have more vocabulary available and uses a rich set of words in paraphrasing content.

The website is free and does not require registration also, like paraphrase online, it does not mention character or word count limit.

Rewriter Tools

Rewriter Tools is a paraphrasing tool website that also offers other writing services such as article rewriter, article spinner, grammar checker, word counter, and blog writing.

What’s unique about rewriter tools is it offers paraphrasing into 6 (six) different languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German and Turkish.

Upon trying their paraphrasing tool, I found that it highlights its reworded content, hence it is easier for you to spot whether the paraphrasing actually makes sense.

It’s also easier if you’re just looking for samples on how you can paraphrase your sources on your own.

Rewriter Tools is a paraphrasing tool online free.


Spinbot is just like any other paraphrasing tool website where you can copy and paste content and the system will paraphrase it for you.

Upon using their paraphrasing tool, I noticed that the system has moderate richness in synonym keywords they use in paraphrasing.

Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief is like Content Professor which is not only a paraphrasing tool website but you can also avail its services for article spinning.

The difference compared with others is it’s an application you can download.

You have an option to choose between two versions.

One is the standard version which allows free download of their application, while the other version is Spinner Chief Pro which costs $97 with a special offer that includes The Best Thesaurus for first 50 buyers.


Quillbot is also like most paraphrasing tool websites where you enter your content and it will paraphrase it for you. However, upon trying their website, I noticed there are only little changes with the rewording of the content.

But the website highlights changes like Rewriter Tools which makes it easier to review whether the paraphrased output actually makes sense.

Quillbot has a 400-character limit, but you can sign up using Google and Facebook to avail their 700-character limit.


Upon trying these paraphrasing tools I found that the best they can do is really change certain words into different synonymous terms.

heir paraphrasing outputs defer, some paraphrase keywords into expanded phrases and some just use synonyms.

Also, they do not really alter the arrangements of sentences neither the structure of writing.

Hence, you still should not risk relying completely on these paraphrasing tools, meaning, you cannot just paraphrase an entry and leave it be and submit your work. You will also have to check and read if the paraphrasing actually makes sense.


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