OSH7018: Poster & briefing paper

OSH7018: Poster & briefing

Module / Subject / School:

OSH7018: Developing Interventions & Influencing Behaviour

Cardiff Metropolitan University


Select and complete ONE of the two options below:

Option 1: You will be provided with a case study from which you are required to identify a safety, health and wellbeing improvement need.


Option 2: Select an organisation with which you are familiar and identify a safety, health and wellbeing improvement need.

With reference to your chosen safety, health and wellbeing issue (See option 1 or 2), produce an academic poster outlining an appropriate evidence based intervention strategy for improving the identified issue.

The academic poster will be a summary of the information detailed in a supporting briefing paper. The briefing paper should be no more than 1500 words.

Your briefing paper and poster must include:

  • Concise summary of the improvement need
  • Proposed intervention approach, including outcome-focused objectives
  • Key stakeholders for delivery of the strategy
  • Project management: Timeframe, key targets, defined process and outcome measures
  • Approach for evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention

Your poster should have designed to be no larger than A1 size. You can present your poster in either portrait or landscape orientation. Your poster should be clearly readable from a distance of 2 metres. Further guidance on poster layout and design is available.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assessment requires you to pick only one of the two options provided. It is best to give yourself time to think about each of the options before deciding and proceeding with doing the assignment. You must understand that selecting one that you are more comfortable with will enable you to confidently work on it and will likely enable you to receive good marks for the assessment.

Once you have decided on which one you will proceed with, you must create an academic poster, which is simply a visual way of communicating information. Remember to make it in such a way that it grabs the attention of the audience and conveys a message in a crystal clear and compelling way. See to it that it includes a well-structured outline of the most suitable evidence based intervention strategy for improving the issue that is identified.

Students must keep in mind that this will serve as a comprehensive summary of the information detailed in a supporting briefing paper, which has a word count of no more than 1500 words.

Both the academic poster and briefing paper must include a brief summary of the needed improvement, a proposed intervention approach that includes objectives focusing on the outcome, the main stakeholders for delivery of the strategy, project management, and, of course, the approach for assessing the intervention’s effectiveness.

Depending on your preference, you must choose between portrait or landscape orientation to clearly show the details of your work.

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