OSH7015: Approaches to Engagement and Wellbeing

OSH7015: Approaches to Engagement and Wellbeing

Module / Subject / School:

OSH7015: Worker Engagement and Well-being

Cardiff Metropolitan University


The CIPD guidance for employers and managers, Managing for Sustainable Employee Engagement suggests that “…engagement is important for performance but that it is unlikely to be sustainable unless it goes hand in hand with well-being” (CIPD, 2012). Critically evaluate engagement theories or models that organisations might use to improve the engagement and wellbeing of their workers. The essay should be written in Arial 12 point text with 1.5 spacing between lines (Line spacing in tables can be spaced as appropriate).

Marking Criteria:

  • Introduction (5%)
  • Critical evaluation of key engagement theories or models that organisations could implement (25%)
  • Well-developed exploration of their strengths and weaknesses (25%)
  • Discussion of the links between engagement and wellbeing (25%)
  • Conclusion and recommendation (10%)
  • Appropriate structure, grammar and referencing of sources in Harvard referencing style (10%)

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

For this essay assignment, you must be ready to identify a considerable amount of engagement theories or models, those that are feasible so that organisations would be able to put them into effect. Keep in mind that to get high marks in this assessment, you need to have a well-developed exploration of its strengths and weaknesses. What this means is that in researching the engagement theories or models, you will have to carefully and extensively elaborate on the positives and negatives of using them, not just merely stating what their strengths and weaknesses are. Many students have a tendency to overlook this, and therefore receive a score that is below what they have desired to get.

In addition to that, what you should remember to include in your essay is a well-discussed relationship between engagement and wellbeing. This is 25% of the total mark, so ensure that a good portion of your 3000-essay goes towards examining and explaining the links between the two concepts.

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