NX9706 / HR9777: Management Investigation Proposal

NX9706 / HR9777: Management Investigation Proposal

Module / Subject / School:

NX9706 / HR9777: MBA Management Investigation

Northumbria University


  1. Researchable Topic Area: you should include background and issue(s) underlying the research
  2. Objectives for the Research: you should state 3-4 maximum research objectives, relating to academic theories, your proposed investigation, your analysis and your conclusions
  3. Literature Review: you should identify and discuss the academic theories and some current research relevant to your researchable topic area.
  4. Details of your research:(a) Identify who or what you will use to obtain data or information (b) Explain how you will collect this data / information and how you will get access (c) Identify how you are going to analyse your data / information.
  5. Research ethics: – if your study involves people, briefly describe what you will consider in order to ensure that your research follows the University’ Ethical Policies and Procedures, for example, individual consent and / or organisational consent.
  6. Conclusions:you should describe what your research will achieve by referring back to your objectives in Section 2:
  7. Timetable for your research: you should cover the whole period of time available (by month).
  8. Reference List–in APA style.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

In creating your management investigation proposal, you will need to take note of a couple of things before you get started. First, you must be able to identify a specific research question that can be logically researched and tested. A lot of students have fallen into the trap of writing their investigation proposals based on a general research topic. It is not advisable to write about a topic that lacks focus, so be careful not to do the same thing. Second, it is important to also be able to discuss various published information on the particular topic you have identified. If you want to get high marks, be diligent in examining the academic theories and recent research that are relevant to your topic. Third, a student who would like to receive good marks for this assessment will need to provide accurate and specific details in their research. It is necessary to do this, otherwise, you will end up producing mediocre output in this assignment.

Some other things that students should keep in mind when writing their management investigation proposals are the research objectives. Be sure to use appropriate objectives so that your proposal will go in a good direction. In order to do this, your objectives must relate to academic theories, your investigation proposal, and your findings. It is a necessary task for you to spend a good amount of time on this part of the proposal because it will have a great impact on your investigation proposal.

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