NURS4009: Write a reflection that encompasses aspects of evaluation, analysis and other personal experiences of the teaching and learning plan after it has been developed and presented. Clinical Education for Practice assignment

NURS4009: Write a reflection that encompasses aspects of evaluation, analysis and other personal experiences of the teaching and learning plan after it has been developed and presented. Clinical Education for Practice assignment.

Module / Subject / School:

NURS4009 Clinical Education for Practice

Curtin University


Reflection of Experience

A Written Reflection of 1000 words –
(This is to be submitted as a ‘Word document’ via Turnitin on Blackboard under ‘Assessment 3’).

The written reflection encompasses aspects of evaluation, analysis and other personal experiences of the teaching and learning plan after it has been developed and presented. Both of Schön’s (1987) reflection perspectives need to be specifically incorporated into the discussions – i.e. Reflection–in-action (thinking that occurred during the event); and Reflection–on-action (thinking that occurred after the event).

Evidence of your reflections should be given to substantiate your ideas where possible/applicable.

This reflection should include the following areas (*Please use the same underlined sub-headings in your paper):

  • Introduction
  • Re-introduction of the original teaching plan
  • Reflection of the experience in developing the teaching plan
  • Reflection of the experience on presenting the teaching plan
  • Reflection of viewing other teaching plan presentations
  • Conclusion

IMPORTANT – Please remember to incorporate the specified reflection model, teaching and learning theories and other supporting ideas from related academic literature (including educational research) throughout all of your reflection. All statements, ideas and areas of analysis need to be fully supported with in-text referencing (i.e. ideas, evaluations and plans all need to show that they are ‘evidenced based’). Your reflection should be more from an educator perspective.

* Please ensure that you the marking guide is referred to in regards to the marking section requirements and marking allocation for each section (i.e. the word amount per section) *

All these items must be correctly referenced using the Curtin APA 7th-ed format * Papers beyond 1200 words will not have those sections marked.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the aspects.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

When writing your reflection, make sure to provide a clear and concise introduction that re-introduces the original teaching plan you developed. This introduction should set the stage for the reader and provide context for the subsequent sections of your reflection.

In the section where you reflect on the experience of developing the teaching plan, use SchĂśn’s (1987) concept of Reflection-in-action. Discuss the thinking and decision-making that occurred during the development process. Elaborate on any challenges you faced, adjustments you made to the plan, and the rationale behind your choices. Provide specific examples to illustrate your points and consider incorporating relevant teaching and learning theories from academic literature to support your reflections.

Next, in the section where you reflect on the experience of presenting the teaching plan, again utilize SchĂśn’s (1987) Reflection-on-action. This section should focus on the thinking and analysis that occurred after the event of presenting the plan. Describe your observations during the presentation, how you perceived the students’ engagement, and any unexpected outcomes or reactions from the audience. Reflect on what you learned from this experience and how it might inform your future teaching practices.

When reflecting on viewing other teaching plan presentations, approach this section with an educator’s perspective. Discuss your observations of other presentations, what you learned from them, and how they influenced your understanding of effective teaching strategies. Make connections to your own teaching plan and draw insights from the academic literature to enrich your analysis.

In the conclusion, summarize the key points of your reflection and draw overall conclusions about your experience of developing and presenting the teaching plan. Reflect on the insights you gained, how they have contributed to your growth as an educator, and any future implications for your teaching practices.

Remember to follow the specified reflection model, SchĂśn’s (1987) Reflection-in-action and Reflection-on-action, throughout all sections of your reflection. Support all your statements, ideas, and areas of analysis with in-text referencing, following the Curtin APA 7th-ed format. Proper referencing is essential to demonstrate that your reflections are evidence-based and rooted in academic literature.

Keep in mind the word limit for each section as outlined in the marking guide to ensure all areas are adequately covered without exceeding the total word count. Writing beyond 1200 words may lead to certain sections not being marked.

Overall, focus on providing a thoughtful and well-supported reflection that demonstrates your understanding of the teaching and learning plan development process and its impact on your growth as an educator. Good luck with your reflection!

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