NURS300: Research article critique

NURS300: Research article critique

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NURS300: Inquiry for Evidence Based Practice

Curtin Singapore


Read both research articles that you have been provided to determine which one you understand best and are most comfortable with. You only need to critique one of the articles. Once you’ve selected the article you intend to critique use the critiquing questions that you have been provided with in Module 7-12 to assist you with critiquing the relevant sections of the article. The critiquing questions are only a guide. You may discuss other points as you see fit. You don’t have to answer each dot point. Don’t critique the entire article. The sections that you need to critique are outlined in your unit outline. Your submission will need to be in the form of a WORD document. Please provide the official Curtin Singapore assignment submission sheet (very first page); followed by your own cover (title) page with your name, student ID and the title of the article you have chosen. You do not need to include a content page or the marking guide. Use a short answer format with subheadings and paragraphs. Use a new sub-heading for each section. You don’t need an Introduction or a Conclusion. Your first sub-heading will be the first section you are critiquing.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

Before you begin, you must take your time to read and think about the research articles provided. This will help you later on as you formulate your research article critique. Once you have decided on one article, you may use the critiquing questions to guide you in discussing your points. Students sometimes forget that they do not need to critique the entire article, so keep that in mind. Make sure that your piece of work is well-structured so that it will be easily understood and you can maintain a good flow of discussion.

To receive high marks for this piece of assessment, you must avoid simply summarising the article. You need to use your critical thinking skills to analyse how the research was conducted and how the article has been written, and you can do this by talking about its strengths and weaknesses. To get full marks, be sure to use more than 6 references, which is the minimum requirement.

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