NUR09717 Promoting Excellence in Older People’s Care assignment

NUR09717 Promoting Excellence in Older People’s Care assignment

Module / Subject / School:

NUR09717 Promoting Excellence in Older People’s Care assignment

Edinburgh Napier University


Your essay will focus on the case study and you will discuss international and national policies that relate to older people’s health, nursing and ageing theories that relate to older people’s healthcare and the senses framework. It is important that you apply this knowledge to your case. For example, you may choose to discuss person-centred care. You would explain what this is and support your statements with relevant literature about the topic but also relate this to your particular case study.

The assignment will include a care plan relating to the case study. A template is provided to help you outline some key priorities of care (up to 5). You are asked for a rationale for care decisions and here we would like you to mention relevant literature that informs this. For example, one presenting problem and priority for care might be to manage their pain effectively. The template asks for suggested nursing interventions and your short-term and long-term goals but also a rationale for your decisions of care. This would include a reference that supports the pain management strategy that you suggest.

The work submitted will be 3,500 words (+/- 10%) in total. 2500 words for the essay and 1000 words for the care plan.

Structure for the assignment

Section 1 – The essay

This should be written in the third person and should be based on the case example you selected and presented in your formative assignment.

The aim of the essay is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the unique needs of older people and how nursing and ageing theory can help inform and influence practice. We suggest that you write a short overview of what nursing and ageing theory is (you should not try to explain each of the theories but may give examples) and then explain how this may inform care in the case of the patient that you have chosen to discuss.

You should also refer to policies that direct and promote excellent care for older people and enhancement of their health and wellbeing.  Give examples of how one or some of these policies apply to your case. We are looking for you to demonstrate some in-depth thinking and reflection so do not try to cover too many.

Section 2 – The care plan

Provide a short overview, which could include the purpose of the care plan. This should be referenced with appropriate literature.

Complete a clear plan of care using the template and supporting references.


Following your care plan you should complete a short conclusion to the essay and then include the reference list in APA 7th style.

Things to note

The number of words should not exceed the word limit. If you do so, a sliding scale of penalty will be applied. You are allowed 10% of the word count within this penalty so 3,850 words in total. This does not include the words used in the reference list and appendix.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This piece is not easy and requires you to know your concepts well enough to come up with a care plan.

Here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Essay Content: Ensure that your essay focuses on the case study provided and effectively discusses international and national policies related to older people’s health. Additionally, explore nursing and aging theories that are relevant to older people’s healthcare, emphasizing their application to the case study. Support your statements with relevant literature and scholarly sources. For example, when discussing person-centered care, explain the concept and provide evidence from the literature to support your arguments and connect them to the specific case study.
  2. Care Plan Development: Utilize the provided care plan template to outline key priorities of care for the case study. Ensure that you provide a rationale for each care decision, incorporating relevant literature to support your choices. When suggesting nursing interventions, short-term and long-term goals, and strategies for addressing specific issues (such as pain management), provide a clear rationale for your decisions and include appropriate references that support your proposed approaches.
  3. Word Limit: Adhere to the specified word limit for the assignment. Exceeding the word limit may result in penalties. Be mindful of the sliding scale of penalties and aim to stay within the given word count. Remember that the word count does not include the reference list and appendix.
  4. Structure of the Assignment: Divide your assignment into two sections: the essay and the care plan. The essay should be written in the third person and provide an overview of nursing and aging theory, with examples illustrating their application to the chosen case study. Discuss relevant policies that inform excellent care for older people and connect them to the case study, focusing on a few key policies rather than attempting to cover too many. The care plan section should include a brief overview, a clear plan of care using the provided template, and appropriate supporting references.
  5. Conclusion and Referencing: Conclude your essay section with a concise summary of the main points covered. Ensure that you include a reference list in APA 7th style, following the care plan section. Adhere to the specified referencing guidelines, providing accurate and complete citations for all sources used throughout the assignment.

By addressing these components effectively and incorporating relevant literature and evidence-based practice, students can demonstrate their understanding of older people’s health, nursing and aging theories, and their ability to develop a comprehensive care plan.

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