NUR09714: Formative Essay Plan

NUR09714: Formative Essay Plan

Module / Subject / School:

NUR09714: Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Practice

Edinburgh Napier University


FORMATIVE ESSAY PLAN (approx. 750 – 1000 words)

Part 1 of your Assessment: Using the assessment criteria for Part 1 essay – list or briefly outline the main content that you will be discussing. This will help you to plan a structure for this part of your essay (approx. 250 words).

Once you have done this, write an academic style paragraph (fully referenced) for one of the sections above that you identified from the marking criteria. This will allow your tutor to provide feedback on your academic writing & referencing skills (approx. 250)

Part 2 of your Assessment: In one paragraph, write a reflective commentary related to your own experience of using a ‘SWOT’ analysis to develop an effective clinical learning environment for students coming for a placement. This is to be written using the ‘first person’.  (approx. 250 words)

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Our Writer’s Comment 

Before starting this assignment, students should take note and be aware of a few things. First things first, a formative essay is a type of academic paper that allows students to develop an in-depth understanding of a certain topic. Rather than expressing one’s opinions right away, this kind of essay requires one’s reflection on an issue first, and then formulate a reasonable opinion, whether positive or negative, around that said reflection.

On the other hand, a reflective commentary allows one to explain one’s own understanding of a subject matter. This aims to reveal what one actually knows about what one has done. Be truthful with what you have experienced so that you will have a faster and easier time writing about it. This does not need to be very long, it just needs to be direct and concise. It is important to remember that a reflective commentary is not an academic paper, and this means that one does not need to write with high highfalutin words. Also, remember to use the first-person point of view when writing this as this is like a personal reflection of your own work.

For this kind of assignment, one must plan ahead and start as early as possible. This is to avoid getting unnecessarily stressed and burned out when the deadline for the task is near. To gather the right information and create substantial points, allot sufficient time for you to brainstorm ideas, analyse, and piece them together.

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