MKT6035: This assessment method helps to develop your capacity to be an independent and autonomous learner

MKT6035: This assessment method helps to develop your capacity to be an independent and autonomous learner

Module / Subject / School:

MKT6035: International Marketing Planning

University of Birmingham (UoB)


On completion of this assignment, students should be able to demonstrate their ability to:
LO1: Prepare solutions for international marketing problems through the application of knowledge and understanding of relevant theory and practices

This assessment will assist in development of the following transferable skills:
• Commercial awareness
• Communication and structured writing
• Research and data interpretation
• Critical thinking

Drawing on your understanding of international marketing topics, you are required to produce a report of no more than 3,000 words (excluding content list, appendices, and reference list) to fulfil the following brief.

You are required to choose ONE foreign brand that is NOT currently available within the market of your choice (which MUST be approved by your tutor) and then prepare an international marketing plan for entry to your chosen market.
The plan must include a brief analysis of the market to assess its level of attractiveness for your chosen brand, a detailed discussion on the relevant areas of the international marketing mix, a comprehensive justification of your recommended marketing strategy and method of entry / operations. Please read the guidance notes in Section 3 and the marking criteria in Section 4 for further information on how to approach your assignment and optimise your grade.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

To excel in this coursework, it is essential to first carefully read and understand the brief, and to seek clarification from the tutor if necessary. It is important to choose a foreign brand that is not currently available within the approved market, and to conduct a thorough analysis of the market to determine its level of attractiveness for the chosen brand.

The report should be structured in a clear and logical manner, with a comprehensive analysis of the relevant areas of the international marketing mix. This requires a deep understanding of the four Ps (product, price, place, and promotion), and how they are impacted by cultural, economic, and social factors in the target market.

To demonstrate critical thinking and commercial awareness, it is important to carefully justify the recommended marketing strategy and method of entry/operations, and to provide evidence to support these recommendations. This requires thorough research and data interpretation, and the ability to communicate complex ideas in a structured and clear manner.

The report should also demonstrate strong written communication skills, with clear and concise language, and a professional writing style. It should be well-referenced, with a focus on peer-reviewed sources and academic journals to support the arguments and recommendations made.

Overall, this coursework requires a rigorous and analytical approach, with a focus on applying relevant theories and practices to solve international marketing problems. By carefully choosing a foreign brand and market, and developing a comprehensive international marketing plan that is well-justified and supported by the literature, it is possible to demonstrate a strong understanding of the concepts and transferable skills required for success in this field.

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