MKT358: This timed online assignment contains five questions about integrated marketing communications

MKT358: This timed online assignment contains five questions about integrated marketing communications

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MKT358: Integrated Marketing Communications

Singapore University of Social Sciences


This Timed Online Assignment contains FIVE (5) questions and comprises SEVEN (7) pages. You must answer ALL questions. If you have any queries about a question or believe there is an error in the question, while the assignment is in session, briefly explain your understanding of and assumptions about that question before attempting it. Upon completion of your assignment, submit it online via Canvas (similar to Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) submission). Your submission is to consist of only one file and of no more than 500 MB in size. The file must be a Microsoft Word file saved in .docx format. All answers are to be typed. If a question requires you to draw figures or graphs by hand, you are allowed to scan/photograph them and embed these images in the Word file provided you ensure that your entire Word file does not exceed the file size limit of 500 MB. Images of text will not be marked. Please submit your answers at the end time of your assignment. Thereafter, you will not be able to submit your answers and you will be considered as having withdrawn from the course. No appeal will be allowed.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

In this timed online assignment, you are only given two and a half hours to finish answering the five questions. Note that in almost all the questions in this assignment, there are a few paragraphs that you must read. Be sure to use your time wisely and be aware of how much time you take in reading the paragraphs. One tip is to read the questions first before reading the paragraphs so that you already have an idea of what information and ideas you need to look out for. To get a high mark, you must show that you have an understanding of the concepts and theories in Integrated Marketing Communications and be able to apply these in answering the questions. Other students may have a hard time giving concrete examples and clear explanations in the short amount of time given, so be sure to create quality output even when you are time-pressured. Lastly, you need to carefully read and follow the instructions because the marks you will receive may be negatively affected if they are not precisely followed.

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