MIS2002S: Produce an infographic on a topic which links a concept presented in the lectures or seminars applied to a real organization. Digital Business assignment

MIS2002S: Produce an infographic on a topic which links a concept presented in the lectures or seminars applied to a real organization. Digital Business assignment

Module / Subject / School:

MIS2002S Digital Business

National University of Ireland, Dublin


Section 1 of the assignment – Infographics (20%)

Below are recommended areas of coverage for your Infographics:

  • Identify the business model(s) the company has adopted (how they generate revenue)
  • Analyze the main competition to your chosen brand. What do you think is the company’s competitive advantage (that attributed to their success so far) as compare to the competition.
  • Identify the target market and illustrate the consumer purchasing journey map (digital touchpoints) used by your chosen organization.

** Groups are also encouraged to source and include other information that is deemed important and relevant in the critical analysis of your chosen organization.

The dimensions of the infographic poster are 19.5cm x 28 cm in portrait or landscape format. A table of explanation is also required as part of section 1 (please refer to assignment template provided on Brightspace).

Section 2: Video Presentation (20%)

Students will create a recorded video presentation for the following

  1. Based on the critical analysis provided in part 1, provide your recommendations on how Digital Business can further assist the featured organization. Below are 3 areas of consideration. You may also cover any other digital recommendations that you deem fit:

(using any of the concepts from Part 1 (add digital biz models and capabilities), Part 2 (suggest better use of digital marketing tools) or Part 3 (better use of security, block chain, big data, fintech, automation to enhance operational efficiency).

Students are to record the video presentation, load it to a streaming site (YouTube / Vimeo etc.) and submit the video link together with Part 1 of the assessment. Please do not submit the raw video file.

Presentation video should not exceed 15 mins. More details will be provided in class.

** Both Section 1 & 2 are to be submitted into 1 single document. Please use the assignment template provided on Brightspace. Only 1 submission per group required. Please ensure all group member’s names and student number are indicated clearly on the cover page of assignment.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the concepts.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

Section 1 – Infographics:

  1. Focus on the Recommended Areas: In your infographic, make sure to prominently cover the three recommended areas: business model(s), competitive advantage, and target market with the consumer purchasing journey map. These areas carry significant weight in the assessment, so ensure they are clear and visually appealing.
  2. Creative Presentation: Encourage students to be creative with their infographic design. Use visually engaging elements like charts, graphs, icons, and images to enhance the presentation’s aesthetics and help convey information effectively. Remember to maintain a balance between text and visuals for better readability.
  3. Additional Information: While covering the recommended areas is crucial, remind students that they have the freedom to include other relevant information as well. Encourage them to use this opportunity to demonstrate their research and critical analysis skills, adding depth to the infographic.
  4. Table of Explanation: Emphasize the importance of the table of explanation in the infographic poster. This section provides clarity and context for the information presented, helping the evaluator understand the content more comprehensively.

Section 2 – Video Presentation:

  1. Concise and Focused Content: Advise students to keep their video presentation focused and within the 15-minute time limit. It’s essential to present their recommendations clearly and concisely to maintain the audience’s interest and effectively convey their ideas.
  2. Utilize Concepts from Different Parts: Encourage students to incorporate relevant concepts from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the assignment in their recommendations. This will showcase a holistic understanding of digital business strategies and how they can benefit the featured organization.
  3. Professional Presentation: Remind students to deliver their video presentation in a professional manner. They should speak clearly, maintain eye contact with the camera, and use visual aids if necessary to enhance their communication.
  4. Video Submission: Guide students on how to upload their video to a streaming site like YouTube or Vimeo and provide clear instructions on how to submit the video link along with Part 1 of the assessment. Double-check that the video link is working and accessible.


  1. Use Assignment Template: Encourage students to use the assignment template provided on Brightspace. This will ensure consistency in formatting and presentation, making it easier for evaluators to assess the content.
  2. Group Collaboration: Highlight the importance of effective group collaboration. Students should work together cohesively, assign tasks based on individual strengths, and communicate regularly to ensure a seamless integration of sections in the final submission.
  3. Clear Cover Page: Remind students to include all group members’ names and student numbers clearly on the cover page of the assignment. This will avoid any confusion and ensure proper acknowledgment of contributions.

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