MIS2002S (Digital Business): Each group is required to produce an infographic on a topic

MIS2002S (Digital Business): Each group is required to produce an infographic on a topic

Module / Subject / School:

MIS2002S: Digital Business

National University of Ireland, Dublin


This is a group assignment which will require students to form groups of 2- 5 pax. Each group is required to produce an infographic on a topic which links a concept presented in the lectures or seminars applied to a real organization. Guidelines and further details on topic selection and the process of producing the infographic are accessible through Brightspace and will also be presented in session 1 of your class.
The Assignment will consist of the following 2 sections:
Section 1 of the assignment – Infographics (20%)
Below are recommended areas of coverage for your Infographics:

– Identify the business model(s) the company has adopted (how they generate revenue)
– Analyze the main competition to your chosen brand. What do you think is the company’s competitive advantage (that attributed to their success so far) as compare to the competition.
– Identify the target market and illustrate the consumer purchasing journey map (digital touchpoints) used by your chosen organization.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

Overall, the assignment requirements seem clear and well-structured. Here are some comments on each section on how you can score well:

Section 1 – Infographics (20%):

  1. Business Model: When identifying the business model(s) of the chosen organization, make sure to provide a clear explanation of how they generate revenue. Include relevant information such as the key revenue streams and any unique aspects of their business model that contribute to their success.
  2. Competitive Advantage: When analyzing the main competition, go beyond simply naming competitors. Provide a thoughtful analysis of the company’s competitive advantage compared to its rivals. Identify specific factors or strategies that have attributed to the company’s success. Consider aspects such as product differentiation, cost advantage, brand reputation, or customer loyalty.
  3. Target Market and Consumer Journey: Clearly identify the target market of the chosen organization and illustrate the consumer purchasing journey map. Show the various digital touchpoints that the organization uses to engage with consumers throughout their buying process. Include important stages, such as awareness, consideration, and conversion, and highlight the digital channels or platforms used at each stage.
  4. Critical Analysis: While the recommended areas of coverage are provided, groups are encouraged to source and include other important and relevant information for the critical analysis. This demonstrates thorough research and a deeper understanding of the organization and its industry. Consider factors such as market trends, industry challenges, or strategic initiatives undertaken by the organization.
  5. Infographic Design: Pay attention to the dimensions of the infographic poster (19.5cm x 28cm) and choose an appropriate format (portrait or landscape). Create a visually appealing and well-organized infographic that effectively communicates the information. Use appropriate colors, fonts, and graphics to enhance clarity and readability. The table of explanation should provide additional details or captions to complement the infographic.

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