MBS668: Media Analysis on Equal Opportunity & Gender Pay Issues

MBS668: Media Analysis on Equal Opportunity & Gender Pay Issues

Module / Subject / School:

MBS668: Managing Remuneration, Benefits and Motivation

Murdoch University


Students should find a media report about a case relating to either equal opportunity or gender pay issues in a company. Any company in any industry (i.e.: mining, media, nursing, education or hospitality) can be used for this assignment. The media report can be from a newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, podcast or web page. Students should then provide an analysis of the issue, which includes the following aspects:

  1. Background: Identify the company, country, industry and briefly introduce the issue.
  2. Analyse this case: what happened, why did it occur, what was the impact of the event for the employees affected by the event.
  3. Resolutions and recommendations: how can the company resolve this issue, provide recommendations of actions employees could take to improve their situation, are these recommendations practical and feasible.

Include all in-text citations and end text references as per the Murdoch guidelines http://library.murdoch.edu.au/Students/Referencing/. You should use the APA7 referencing style.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

First and foremost, choosing the right media report to discuss is crucial in the media analysis assignment. See to it that what you analyse is a case that pertains to one of two matters in a company: equal opportunity or gender pay issues. You, as a student, must come up with an in-depth analysis of the issue that consists of a clear background, a comprehensive analysis of the case, and the things that you would recommend to the company so that they could resolve such issues. Since you are allowed to use a media report from any industry of your choice, take advantage of this and select the one with thorough details so you would not have a hard time. You are also free to use a media report from a newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, podcast or web page. Make sure you pick one that contains enough information about the issue.

Once you have picked a media report for your media analysis on either equal opportunity or gender pay issues, you will then have to start planning out on how you would write the whole assignment. Strategise in a sense that you would not waste any of your time writing something unnecessary and complicated. If you find yourself writing something you do not understand well, you might end up submitting a low-quality assignment and getting a low mark for it. Remember that the analysis must not exceed 700 words, so you must write in a brief and concise manner.

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