MBS668: Develop a Pay and Benefit Plan for own or fictitious organisation

MBS668Develop a Pay and Benefit Plan for own or fictitious organisation

Module / Subject / School:

MBS668: Managing Remuneration, Benefits and Motivation

Murdoch University


Group Assignment. Develop a Pay and Benefit Plan for own or fictitious organisation.

Select your own organisation or a fictitious one and design a well-thought out Pay and Benefit (P&B) Plan that meets both the employee needs and employers’ objectives. You may include the following:

  1. Identify the objectives
  2. Conduct a Needs Assessment
  3. Formulate the P&B Plan
  4. Communicate the plan to the Employees
  5. Develop a continuous Evaluation Process for the plan

As a group you must prepare a short report on the development of the P&B Plan. You should include:

  • Cover Page – Professional
  • Executive Summary (focus on your recommendations)
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction (A hook that interests the reader)
  • Detailed Plan with discussion, findings, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Reference List
  • Appendices (remember these are used only for additional details)

Your report should include headings; you must include at least 10 relevant academic references. Writing format: 1.5 spaced, 12 point Arial or Times New Romans, with Margins 2.5cm. Include all in text citations and end text references as per the Murdoch guidelines http://library.murdoch.edu.au/Students/Referencing/. You should use APA7 referencing style. One person per group to submit the Group Report via the LMS.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

In this assessment, you will need to create a pay and benefits plan that is appropriate for either your own or a fictional company. One thing you can keep in mind is that this plan should outline the general types of compensation that are offered, what types of benefits the company offers to its employees, and any other information related to compensating employees. In this group effort, be sure to delegate appropriately and collaborate with your group members effectively so that you will receive the desired marks for the assessment. When you design a well-thought-out pay and benefit plan that fulfils both employee requirements and business objectives, whether it’s for your own company or a fictional one, you are on your way to receive good marks for this assignment.

It will be good if your group includes determining goals, completing a needs assessment, formulating the P&B plan, and communicating the plan to employees in your plan to have a comprehensive output. Also, don’t forget to that the implementation of an on-going assessment process that is intended to provide stakeholders with the ability to understand how the plan has been implemented and whether or not any changes should be made is necessary for the development of this plan. This plan will be developed with the understanding that ongoing assessment is necessary for understanding how effective the implemented change has been.

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