MAN6006: Individual Portfolio

MAN6006: Individual Portfolio

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MAN6006: The Real World of Management

Birmingham City University


A ‘Portfolio’ is a ‘collection of work’. Your portfolio should draw on your individual research into people’s views, experience and stories and also draw on a range of theory from appropriate academic literature. Secondary research data can also be used to support and enhance the critical discussion.

From past experience the portfolios achieving the higher marks were built on an ongoing basis through researching and gathering appropriate evidence to support analysis and evaluation of the concept(s), emerging themes and their application to the real world of management and organisations.

Your portfolio should have an introductory page which clearly sets out your focus i.e. key questions / issues you will you be focusing on through the research project. What factors have led you to choose the focus – your rationale?

The stronger portfolios will draw their research from a range of sources to introduce different perspectives. However, what tends to make these portfolios are the more thoughtful and unique ways to introduce peoples’ lived experience. Secondary research can be used to compare and contrast these experiences.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

To receive high marks for this piece of assessment, you need to use the introduction section of your portfolio to set up an appropriate initial focus, rationale and scope for the research project. Make sure these are in line with the requirements of the module. You must introduce relevant context corresponding with the research questions or objective. This allows you to have better opportunities for critical depth of research, analysis, as well as learning.

One pitfall that students must avoid in creating their portfolios is making use of academic sources that are irrelevant. Be sure to use only those sources that are reliable and are applicable. Your research skills must be used in order for you to be able to recognise and integrate literature and theories that will allow you to have different perspectives and support critical analysis and evaluation.
Another thing, you must see to it that you have applied suitable academic sources in accordance with the focus and emerging themes from the research.

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