M059LON: Presentation and Written Portfolio

M059LON: Presentation and Written Portfolio

Module / Subject / School:

M059LON: Entrepreneurship: Creating A Business Opportunity

PSB Academy


Presentation Guidelines

  1. Analyse and understand the key concepts around opportunity, entrepreneurial behaviour and the factors in the process of start-up and of survival.
  2. Presents a professionally written version (1200 words) of the ‘pitch’ for a feasible business plan & to make the presentation as convincing & persuasive to an acceptable level for a Venture capitalist /investment angel or board of directors Present the word document & PPT of the presentation report(PPT-with speech notes) for the business opportunity with appropriate measures, as a basis for building a business plan for a new product in a following module; or as a suitable analytical framework to be applied to a business problem for analysis and potential solutions in following modules.

Written Portfolio Guidelines

Each student has to write a business feasibility report (not a marketing report) on any type of business of his/her choice. The feasibility study will analyse the business and decide whether the business would work based on the following guidelines.

  • Have an overall view of the market & industry economy
  • Understand and research the market domains and barriers to entry to seek out business opportunities.
  • Being aware of direct and indirect competitors and market leaders; seeking out gaps in the business.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assessment is an opportunity for students to discover how to analyse and understand key factors about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial behaviour, and the key concepts that influence the start-up process. You must show that you have understood and learned key concepts about how to build a successful business in today’s competitive world. To ace this piece of assignment, you will need to keep in mind that a professional business pitch should have a convincing and persuasive quality for the audience. A business pitch should be written in a professional manner to facilitate a quality business plan and enable an efficient presentation. This is important for any venture capitalist, investment angel, or board of directors.

It is expected that each student is to prepare a business feasibility study on any form of firm or venture that they may be interested in creating. So, be sure to choose carefully in such a way that your discussions are in-depth and full of integrated concepts and learnings from the module. If a student does not decide carefully, he or she may have a hard time completing the presentation and as a result will submit a poor quality presentation. To give you a bit more information regarding the assessment, a feasibility study is commonly conducted by an outside firm to evaluate the viability of a new project. This assessment will be made on the basis of a pre-defined set of parameters and will determine whether or not a project should be started.

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